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July 31, 2008
Getting a Squidoo lens indexed by Google can be easy... or it can be a real booger.  I added a little tutorial to the Share Zone today.  Hopefully this will help some of you learn the little tricks and tips I have learned from a year plus, and hundreds of lenses on Squidoo.The tutorial is called "How To Get Your Squidoo Lens Indexed... And How To Screw It Up"If it needs additional information or explanation, please let me know!Jennifer~PotPieGirl
July 30, 2008
I'm a Southern manners are BIG to me.  BUT, y'all please be patient with me while I try to get my bearings in here.  There sure is a LOT to look at!  If you say hello, or whatever else you can do to me in here, and I don't respond - please don't take it personally.I'm just a newbie!