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May 03, 2012
We've got Pandas...and we've got Penguins.... and what's next?  I dunno, I guess a Zebra.  Google sure has this whole "back and white" thing going on. Funny too, because it's only "black and white" to Google  ;)   So what's the difference between a Panda and a Penguin (in the Google world)   Panda is purely a quality type thing.  It's all about what's ON your site, how it is presented, and the quality of th
April 15, 2012
---------------------- Disclaimer: what I am about to post in a moment was NOT written by me. I tripped across it in another forum. The post really spoke to me so I printed it out so I can see it regularly. I think it's something we ALL need to keep in the spotlight as we work to build our own online business. I found this post here. ------------------------ There are a lot of posts lately about "how can I make more money" or "How can I make $1000 with just $100"
---- Wow, Google sure has been on a tear lately, haven't they? Blog networks deindexed, Panda slaps, "love notes" sent to webmasters via Google Webmaster tools, rankings tanking..... and on and on. So, what's going on? What are some things you need to know? First off, R-E-L-A-X, ok? I know it FEELS as if Google is our boss, or the law, or whatever when you work online, but they're not. Let's talk about some of the things going on lately. About all the blog
--------------- In a recent thread here in the WA forum, members were talking about what they liked/didn't like about the new dashboard here inside WA. Personally, I really like the new platform/layout/dashboard. I'm also a big fan of white space and things feeling less "noisy" so I can see what I want to see...find what I want to find...and be kept updated on things I want/need to know. The new WA does that for me. There is one thing tho that I really miss. Since I'
April 05, 2012
Ever wonder WHAT to focus on? Here is a really simply picture to help you remember what to focus on. This picture came across my Twitter stream from my account manager at Clickbank (Andrew). This is drawn on his whiteboard to help him remember what really needs his attention and it's very much like my own way of picking what to work on. How do YOU decide what to focus on?   EDIT TO ADD:   Based on the great questions and conversation in the comments area, I hav
November 27, 2011
  To everyone that is new here to Wealthy Affiliate - WELCOME!!!!! I joined well over 3 years ago and it was the best decision I ever made for my online business.  I have little doubt that you will come to feel that way too. Every single time someone new walks through the doors of WA, I get SO excited for them.  Think about it - how exciting is it to be taking this first step to putting your life and future into your OWN hands and molding it the way YOU want it to be?!?!?! NO ONE
April 14, 2011
Yes!  A baby for PotPieGirl!  Baby Luke made his grand appearance on April 2nd at a little over noon local time.   Ok - he's not MY baby....he's my grandson.  My son and his wife are the proud parents.  I'm just the doting grandma (or the kids call me).   My 19 year-old daughter and I were both in the delivery room along with my son and the other grandma.  It was QUITE an experience.  A very, very special moment in deed.   You see (not to ge
Hi everyone!   Ah, the learning curve - gotta love it (ugh!)!!! Ok, if you joined Wealthy Affiliate through me and got the bonus training, I want to tell you this - I messed up the time-release part.   Yep, I screw up, too! And quite often, actually. The system asked me for a time release period and I THOUGHT it meant 'days since the FIRST bonus was released" - and I was wrong.   It means 'days since the LAST bonus was released'.  Oooops!   My bonus training is set
Well it's been pretty darn interesting in our community online lately, hasn't it?  Google sure knows how to shake us! Sadly, this is not a laughing matter for many webmasters and site owners.  Their numbers are down in a MAJOR way - and that is tough to deal with. Thing that's been bothering me is that our community seems fixated on this latest Google algo update to be targeting Content Farms in general.   So, if that is true, why aren't ALL "content farms" suf
March 01, 2011
I am all kinds of happy today.  How about you?   For me, today, March 1st, begins a week of meeting new people in WA and knowing that so many of our new family members just might have a life-changing experience here.   I wonder how many will look back at their joining us today as a "defining moment" - which just happens to be exactly how I describe the moment *I* decided to join WA back in 2008.   Welcome everyone!!!! I am SO glad you're here!   Jennifer ~P