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Joined June 2009
I am Poonam Praveen!
I am Mechanical Engineer by profession & Recently Joined WA University..
From Early days I was interested in making money from Internet, tried so many things, sites, programs on internet but none of them was a fair deal for me.
Now, after so many discussions held & interction with many Online affiliates I concluded that "WEALTHY AFFILIATE UNIVERSITY IS THE BEST".
I joined it a week ago And I am Quite sure I will make myself learn which skills I require to Promote my Online Business..
Thanks & Regards To All my New found friends...
Poonam Praveen
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winch330 Premium
hey!! Are u on the 30 day success program? Stay in touch! I've only started WA just a few days before you:)
poonam Premium
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northkedzie Premium
Poonam I little sr with you becuase I join wa a day before you, whant to mame my buddy and I read you blog look like You are very jeanus in this field your calcualtion every thing said you know what you doing. I am not very good in computer and not very good in this business all ready broke when I get their, but please keep in touch .Nasreen
northkedzie Premium
Poonum I have blog on google site please go thier and write for me if you have time, the blog name i s Something newe and my url is Http://www.chinoosomethingnew.blogsote.com I will look forward Nasreen
poonam Premium
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poonam Premium
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