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Last Update: May 02, 2019

After some consideration, I have settled on using yarnwork as my first niche. "I want to help people that are taking up yarnwork crafts!" Between moving and working as a tutor, I hope I will find enough time to finalize this first website and learn more.

When I eventually become a premium member (which sounds super appealing to me), I have also considered other niche ideas, and for the sake of my own organization, I would like to list them here:

  • Indie Video Games - "I want to help people that are looking to consume/create small-scale video games!"
  • Plus Size Fashion - "I want to help people that are plus sized and want to look AMAZING!"
  • Axolotl/seahorse Pet Setups - "I want to help people that are looking to properly raise an axolotl OR seahorse as a pet!"

Looking forward to eventually getting there!

What are new niches that YOU haven't explored yet but would love to eventually?

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SondraM Premium
You have some great niche ideas! I love coming up with different niches.

As Kirsti said below, pick out one and focus on it. Trying to do more than one in the beginning is a recipe for disaster. (I'm the self appointed poster child for that lol)

Anyway, if I was you, I would look into what types of affiliate programs are available and see which one might pay the best. Also factor in the size of the customers.

On your sea horse site, you could pick a domain that was more salt water aquarium related. Then focus heavily on the sea horses. That would give you room to expand to other underwater topics if need be. (As of this morning, that is my favorite of list)

Best wishes and welcome.
Thank you so much for the advice, doing affiliate program research would be very helpful to me at this stage!

And I do love the domain idea for the aquarium niche eventually...
Kiranoppa Premium
I love all of your niche ideas! Because I love handicrafts and video games. Plus size fashion blog would probably be popular too. The axolotl / seahorse pet site sounds super cute!

At first, I would recommend sticking to just one niche. I know it´s hard, because I also have many niche ideas. But it´s better to stick to only one website until you are making some money with it.

Now I have a poker website dedicated to neuroatypical people. I´d also like to make a "make money online" website for neuroatypical people. Possibly also a DIY / crafting website. A snail website, Star Wars website, Sonic The Hedgehog website would be awesome too. But there´s no way I could manage keeping up all those websites!
Thank you so much for the advice, yeah I wholly understand this, and I definitely want to grasp just the one subject before anything else!

Also, it is super cool that you're in literature and have aimed your website at neuroatypical people. I would be super interested in any making money online guides for neurodivergent people you'd make!