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May 02, 2019
After some consideration, I have settled on using yarnwork as my first niche. "I want to help people that are taking up yarnwork crafts!" Between moving and working as a tutor, I hope I will find enough time to finalize this first website and learn more.When I eventually become a premium member (which sounds super appealing to me), I have also considered other niche ideas, and for the sake of my own organization, I would like to list them here:Indie Video Games - "I want to help people that are
April 29, 2019
Really excited to start talking about yarncraft projects, video game ventures, along with other art stuff, and create my small space to share these with others.I have recently finished a HUGE crochet project - my mermaid tail blanket! Should I post pictures?I am currently playing through Final Fantasy X again, and starting off Deponia.I am also exploring how to digitally paint better in Clip Studio Paint.What have you been up to??