What Is Google Saying About You

Last Update: December 23, 2018

Dear fellow Wealthy Affiliate members.

Merry Christmas and many Happy Returns as we move into yet another year.

A bit of food for thought here at year end:

We are taught the importance of branding and becoming authorities in our own fields through the education offered here at Wealthy Affiliate.

What is Google saying about you?

Take the test. ‘Google’ yourself. Are you already an autority without even knowing about it?

I offer this small nugget in response to a post by Alex:

Does Imposter Syndrome Hold You Back From Your Dreams


Nice post, Alex.

Kindest regards from Ontario, Canada.

Paul Mindra.


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waawaawaa4 Premium
Merry Christmas and all the best for 2019!
PMindra Premium
Thank you.
DonnieNorton Premium
Hi Paul, I just Googled myself and did not find much which could be good or bad. If I were a criminal not finding much would be a good thing. On the other hand it is telling me I need to concentrate more on Social Media. Happy holidays to you.
PMindra Premium
Hey, Donnie.

This is actually kind of important and I bring it up for a reason.
No, we don't want to be known as a criminal, but some things may appear that are negative. How do we get rid of them?

Google 'Paul Mindra' for example to learn a bit more about me.
There are some searches that I would like to modify. How can this be done?

Peace on Earth, man.

laparra1 Premium
Good afternoon Paul,

When I got a computer at the end of 2013 I Googled myself, like to practice with the computer. There was not much only somebody was using my identity.
Now, having 2 websites the picture is very different, there are lots of photos etc and etc.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
PMindra Premium
Hi, Taetske.
Good evening.

When I google 'Taetske' I am dominated by Taetske Kleijn.
She is doing some good work. You are in good company.

What should I google to learn more about you?

laparra1 Premium
You can try with Taetske Guillaume
Shannonkamal Premium
That was an awesome post by Alex with so many truths being shared.

Merry Christmas to you and a happy 4th quarter as the year ends!


Onto a prosperous year ahead!

Thanks for sharing
Shannon Kamal
PMindra Premium
Hi, Shannon.

I am now following you based on your profile.

"Sophisticated grooming is the name of my company and I'm looking for help with website traffic. Was always intrigued by internet marketing now looking to actually get my feet wet...."

"In the process of building a website for my barbering biz to gain passive income I'm excited to be here and I'm all ears..."

" Being 37 of age and married I'm looking to build wealth for generations to come.I am a licensed educator in the state of Massachusetts with licenses in cosmetology, barbering and on my way to real estate...."

"I have been in customer service since 1998. I love to go bass fishing when the weather is right and I also love a good road trip. I am looking to gain as much knowledge as possible to become a successful Internet business owner."

"I will ask numerous questions so consider me dumb! ???? "

"For some strange reason I feel as if I made the right choice after trying so many other programs with no results just broken promises. I am excited to be here and I hope to connect with good people real soon."

"I don't have much; my word is my bond!"

My word is also my Bond.

Not many people understand the concept of Bond.

Kindest regards, Shannon.

Absama Premium
Merry Christmas to you!