Namaskaran back at you

Last Update: September 20, 2019


Earlier today, Fleeky 1 submitted a Warning.

Thank you Fleeky.

I responded with the following:

Namaskaran back to you, Fleeky.

I think I am set to 'friends' so I have probably not seen as many spams as others may have.

A few have come through, well written but hinting of a foul odour.

I can see how WA could become a 'spamming paradise' with so many members throughout the world both active and inactive.

Fortunately we are safeguarded here for the most part. Unfortunately, there is still that minute percentage that cannot be accounted for that support keeps on top of.

What are your thoughts on the subject matter that is sometimes presented on the blog here that borderlines with our policies regarding God, Faith and Religion or as you say 'forbidden subjects.?'

Where do we draw the line before pushing the 'Scam' button? Is it a possible explosive issue?



Dear fellow WA people...

I personally am reluctant to express my views on certain 'forbidden subjects.'

For example, I steer away from getting into discussion on subjects like God,Money, how I approach God and how I make my money.

That information in good taste is not best expressed to strangers or even acquaintances.

I have an open mind that is always willing to learn and expand.

I'll ask the community as I did Fleeky...Where do we draw the line when we think it is 'spam.'

Are there different types of 'Spam?' Some that are good for you where others are just fillers?

Are these spammers trying to fulfill their MLM/Network Marketing dreams?

Final question:

If I wanted to explore the MLM/Network Marketing dream, where would I start?

Google of course on my own but I would like some feedback from you the community where you would start.?

"If you are not living on the edge then you are taking up too much space."

Author unsure, but like the saying.

Kindest regards,

Paul @PMindra

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JohnButton Premium
Thanks Paul for posting that question. At this time I do not have any perspective to add in this regard.

Best, John
Jeffreybs Premium
I would never hit the SPAM button on anyone in my network or on WA for any reason, but I would warn them they are taking the chance of losing all their posting rights if someone does report them for spam.

Many new members might not even understand what spam is according to WA, and for one reason I never saw sharing your website as spam or your articles as long as you were not posting affiliate links.

None of these are permitted on WA as far as I know, I am rather new to this community so I have been not inserting any links of any kind in my blogs to be safe. The negative side of this is there are many valuable links I would love to share with this community to help them with their business, but the spam rule has me feeling I can't help you as much as I could if I could insert links in my tutorials and this does make me sad

Great post
Suzay Premium Plus
HI Paul, I put my response over at Fleeky's, it's an appreciation for you as well!
laparra1 Premium
Good evening Paul,

Nice to see you here.
Good that I am still on your list.
One should not discuss God-related things and neither those that have a political color. We all have our personal opinion. As on WA, we have to keep our mouth shut on these 2 subjects it is, in general, a pretty peaceful place.
When I joined FB the difference with here is enormous.
I have 5 MLM companies behind me. Do not be fooled, it is hard work and only a few people will be really successful. Now that I can compare, Affiliate Marketing is, I would say not so much easier, but you can do it from the comfort of your home, what a relief.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
Fleeky Premium Plus
Dear Paul,

You are definitely a great philosopher.
And asking the right questions.

Which we will probably all answer differently.

As a poet, i feel lost
In a world where money seems the only drive

And happy with a smile

So, right back to you