Monster Insights

Last Update: March 13, 2021

Do we have enough food to feed the world?

Regarding Monster Insights though at AIO SEO.

What is 'Monster Insights?"

Who is using it?

Why are you using it?
What purpose does it serve?

Excuse my ignorance.

Is it possible to start a conversation about this particular space?

Kindest regards,

Your fellow member from Ontario, Canada.

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JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
I recall somewhere that Kyle doesn't recommend it either, Paul!

feigner Premium
Hi Paul, do you need monsterinsights...nope...
why is it offered...because someone bought both plugins... that is the reason for the major change in all in one...
all in one has now dropped support for google analytice and passed that onto monster insights...
i have checked older sites in and found that all in one has dropped the code somewhere within its revisions...
so what i would do is to go into your analytics account and copy the whole script and paste it into all in one - general settings - webmaster - miscellaneous verification box ..and save
goto agaon and you should get a green tick for all the pages not listed as no index....
have fun
feigner Premium
oops thing i forgot ot add is that with hte change in all in one you lose the ability to excluding yourself from your analytics when logged in...
that's in monster insights or other plugins like that....