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Last Update: May 30, 2021

Hello and warm regards to our Wealthy Affiliate Community.
Paul Mindra here from Southern Ontario, Canada.


What a fantastic Wealthy Affiliate journey this has been for me.
In the next month, I will be renewing my yearly membership going into year 7.

I would like to thank Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim for "Grandfathering" me into their beliefs in me because I believed and continue to believe in them.

I cannot put any links and stuff here (kind of frustrating - but understandable) because of our spam policy.

I am looking to host, link and backlink to members with websites/articles here in our community in the following fields:

I am looking for contributors to add their content and links in the following “Broad” categories:

    • Education;
    • Health & Wellness;
    • Clothing & Accessories;
    • Science & Technology;
    • Marketing – Make Money Online;
    • Money – Finance – Alternate Currencies;
    • Law;
    • Life with Corona; and
    • Other.

“Other” opens up a whole new environment to pursue.

Note: I reserve the right to accept or decline the content submitted.

I may be out of line here...but I think that being out of line here, we may be able to help each of our online precedences work together.

The Gurus insist on 'Linking" and "Backlinking." (Brian dean - Neil Patel).

Let's show them how it is actually done.

Our family thoughts would be valued on this post, but my responses are going to be in the most part slow because your responses will require consideration.

Peace, Love, and Light,

Paul Mindra.

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Only1Hugh Premium
Not quite there yet Paul but wishing you well.
Newme202 Premium
7 years?
What an amazing progress
Hope you are enjoying your day
Daveabess Premium
Great post , Im writting about making money online , i will be more than happy to send you some links ( hope you 'll accept them).

Best wishes.
BrendaMZ Premium
7 years on WA Platform. Wow, Paul that's amazing. I am a Neil Patel fan myself. Hope you find some contributors. I am still new to this and am learning more about SEO.