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Where can i access my dns setting to add a cname?

Where can i access my dns setting to add a cname?

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Website Development & Programming

I need to add a CNAME to link a software that tracks my links and add source and reports on which is yeilding best results. the software is Build Redirects

many thanks

Hi Peter
Is this for a website that is hosted by WA?
If so, I'd recommend opening a ticket with Support
Click on 'Help Center' to your left and follow the instructions.
I'm not entirely certain we have access to our DNS account - but I have yet to need it so I haven't crossed that bridge yet.

Thanks for your response, appreciate it, it is not for a site hosted by WA, its for a software to track all my ads click and result for all the affiliate program i want to promote, within WA and others outside of WA

Hi Peter

Here is some training which should help you Blessings

Thanks Louise i will have a look and see if it solves my issues,


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Can anyone help wit success stories for my website?

Can anyone help wit success stories for my website?

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WA Affiliate Program

Good Day All, I am building content into my website and was looking for some success stories from the community to add to the site, if you would like to share your success with

Check this out, Peter!

Hi Peter,

You can have a look at this post: Below you find links to specific success stories written by WA members.
You can check the posts and pick those you like the most. Make sure to ask the members whether they are OK with sharing.

In my experience, they should not have any problems with that.

Thanks MichalB, I appreciate the help and the quick response.

Peter you can also type in Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories in the top search bar, you'll find many of them. I always suggest you contact each member directly for permission to use their stories.

Thanks for the info Heidy

You are very welcome, hope it helps

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