Why i left wa. and why i'm back better than ever!

Last Update: May 18, 2018

On the last day of March this year, I canceled my WA Premium Membership. I had been a premium member for 3 months and I was really starting to get the hang of things. I had 3 sites running and things were really coming along nicely. I was applauded by community members on the amount of work I had put into Kyle's Super Affiliate Program. Everything was great right?

NOPE! Behind the scenes I was struggling financially to keep my premium membership. Unfortunately we had an influx of bills / household costs and we needed to squeeze every cent. So I made the decision to leave my premium WA membership for a little while.

Fortunately I had a plan already in motion and my sites were working well. All I needed to do as keep writing content to keep them growing. But I still had an issue... I still 't have enough extra money to keep my premium membership going.


What I did next, and the reason I am back here as a premium WA member today was hard, but it was totally worth it!

What I did made me just under $1,400 in 3 weeks - Which will cover my premium WA membership for the next 3 years, with some leftover to buy a few celebratory beers!

So what did I do?

I went out and decided to try and sell my skills as a freelancer. I asked all of my family and friends if they needed any help or knew anyone who needed any help... After about a week I had 3 different projects on the go. Mind you, I as putting in about 5 hours everyday outside of my 9-5 job, family commitments and my websites that were already running. IT WAS HARD! But it payed off and I am super pumped about it!

Why did I write this post? I wanted to share this story with you all because I can tell you from first hand experience that no matter how difficult things get financially, there is always a way to get back on your feet. A month ago I honestly felt that my WA days were over and that I would have to start searching the internet for information on running an online business... But here I am, back and better than ever.

Where to from here?

I am going to pickup exactly where I left off. I also plan to share some training - mainly in advanced wordpress development which I hope can be useful to the community.

As always please feel free to contact me for any assistance on anything related to Web Development!

Look forward to being back here at WA!


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pjfjoy Premium
I just got here in March Dan must of been about when you were leaving. My Website is doing good I have 1 1/2 websites LOL. I have been working on my second one. I have a store and am an affiliate for Clickfunnels as well as. I’m an Ambassador for Anthony Morrison as well so I have a lot on my plate and am working at things everyday and don’t get as much time in here as I would like. I have to work on my emails amongst of this. I will have to cut loose on some of the work also, But it won’t be WA I can tell you that. So welcome back and I am looking forward to pounding your brain for some development ideas. I know nothing about Websites development or anything until my Shopify store and my Webpage here I did nothing like this before. Anyway, as you can probably tell I am excited to be here.

Salim007 Premium
Welcome back Dan hope all is well and as they say shit happens but it's to be expected in this thing called life. If we fall of the horse that doesn't mean don't get back on and keep riding. Glad to know things worded out for the best in your situation.
phakacha8 Premium
Wola! That's exciting. Each of us has a problem and unique in character.
Yours is a smarter one in that 'you' being the better player.
Your tough situation has made you the better player than ever!
No more looking back. Keep moving.

Looking forward to your Advanced WordPress blogs
platts05 Premium
Thanks mate! Glad to be back! let's keep in touch!
phakacha8 Premium
kehaiz1 Premium
Hi hey, great to read your blog which is indeed a booster shot for a struggling one like me. I wasn't on when you took your 'French' leave. I am here, struggling to get going. Because you have an opened arm of offering help, I intend to private mail you with my websites to critique, and...
Thanks and cheers.
platts05 Premium
Please do my friend I will be glad to help you!
Jewelia Premium
Good for you! I paid an annual membership, which is a good saver. Maybe you'd want to do the same now since you earned enough to cover the full amount. When Black Friday deal comes, you'd be able to take advantage of it without losing any money that you have already paid forward.

I love your positive attitude! Good luck!

~ Julia