What can we learn from the Super Affiliates that just went to Vegas!

Last Update: February 02, 2019

I thought today I would share with you a few of the things I noticed about the Super Affiliates who went to Vegas this year.

Firstly , If you want to see who went, check out Roope's post - he has a nice photo of everyone who attended this year. You will probably pick atleast some of the faces from the photo.

I have encountered most of the people who went this year here on WA. Actually I initially joined Wa after reading several articles on one of @Nathaniell's site. Shoutout to Nathaniell who has helped me massively on my WA journey!

Ok, so after seeing this photo I thought I would have another look at each of the people who went and see if I could find some similarities (and differences) in what they do and why they have been successful.

1. They are all hard workers.

I know it seems obvious, but seriously these guys and girls are busting their backsides day in day out! Just by looking at their activity accross the WA platform + their own websites you can see they post consistently with high quality content. The important thing is that they post HIGH QUALITY CONTENT. They don't just post for the sake of it, they post with meaning.

2. They help anyone and everyone who asks

This is a big one, ALL of these people are will to help anyone who needs it. Whether it be here on the WA platform, through their website or on social media. Honestly, if you ask one of these people for help they will give it to you. This is something that differentiates them to a lot of people.

3. They don't do everything the same

Interestingly, if you have a look at the content that each of these people puts up either here on WA or on their respective websites you will see that they all have different strategies.

-Some use written content only

- Some use youtube / some don't

- Some use social media heavily, some a little bit and some not at all

- Some of their sites focus on reviews, some on how-tos and some have a mixture

What does that mean for you? It means that there is not just one way to get yourself on a flight to vegas! Just by looking at these people you can see what works and what doesn't.

I guess the point of this post is to show you that anyone can make it to vegas just by sticking at it, working hard and helping as many people as possible.


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marchanna Premium
I agree, Roope's post was most informative!
CandP Premium
That's a great observation, Dan. There are indeed many roads to success, we just need to get on one of them.
Colette and Philip
JeannineC Premium
Excellent post - this is a critical point. Too many people want "the formula" of how to build a successful website. While there are things that all sites have in common, after that it reflects the site owner. That's why it makes me smile when someone asks "what's the best" because the answer to that depends on you and your site.
YanFellow Premium
Awesome, Dan. A few people have posted bits of info from Vegas and one of the things they all agree on is that everyone works hard!

I'm not sure how it happened but I think there's an element in many people - not so much those here at WA - that equates 'internet' with 'easy'. Maybe it's all the Get Rich Quick scams they see - if only they could find the right one! 😱 - but no one thinks any other type of business is easy but for some reason interent marketing should be!

And when you tell people (as I do) that I can show them a way to make money online but tell them it takes a lot of hard work, they don't want to know. I'm not in the MMO niche but suggest online to friends now and again.


Ah well... Back to the keyboard :-)

MiaL Premium
Hard work and implementing the training seem to be the common themes! I’ve been really motivated by reading their updates. I wish there were a few more hours in every day 😊
platts05 Premium
Yes, exactly. A few extra in each day would help a lot! I think getting on top of 'what' you do with the time you do have is super important. Something I struggled with early on was not utilising the time I did have properly. Would you agree?