Calling All Newbies. Want a Free Logo?

Last Update: January 11, 2020

Want to Get yourself a free logo for your new website?

Last year I gave away a free logo in a small competition here on WA. There is no catch, I simply just decided to give back. I was given so much help when I was starting out here.

Today I would like to run this give away again - to put yourself in the mix for a free logo all I ask is that you leave a comment below with

Your Niche / Site Idea

Why You Need / Want a Logo and how it would improve your business.

Why would I give this away?

Honestly, all I am doing here is giving a little bit back to the community that helped me so much when I started out. I remember thinking when I started that it would be great to have a nice logo to get started. Not having to worry about designing a logo will give you more time to start creating fresh new content!

My background in web development and design has now given me the skills to design logos as I need, but I would love to design one for someone to get their business kick started!

ONE Winner will be randomly drawn and posted to this blog in 24 hours (approx)

** I have checked this off with Kyle and he is hapy for me to post this (I know a few people were concerned last year that it may seem like I am soliciting services) to re-emphasise, that is not the case. I am merely giving back to the community that helped me.

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JeffreyBrown Premium
Pretty AWESOME of you, Dan! 👍👍
megawinner Premium
Thank you for your generosity! I appreciate it!
VeganSheldon Premium
My niche is vegan superfoods, and my site idea is reviewing various superfood powders and talking about their benefits. I have also been promoting myself on facebook as Vegan Sheldon to promote myself as a Health Coach who focuses on helping people go vegan. A logo would really help.
drjec Premium
This is a great gesture. I don't need a logo, but I really appreciate you doing this here. Thanks.
platts05 Premium
Thanks drjec , least I can do after all the help I received when I started out.
roamy Premium
You are a saviour for me.I have been blogging for some time now but for whatever reason, I cant seem able to sreate a logo.I`m in skincare niche and sports shoes niche
Could you please help
Should I send the URL?
Honesr I dont have an idea for the shoes niche, the skin care niche....something in pink and girly please?