Calling All Business Owners ( Both Online and Brick & Mortar)

Last Update: March 24, 2020

I have a question for you..

I have recently started a new blog and podcast - But before I launch, I would like some feedback...

Basically my idea is to create this blog and podcast to help small business owners both online businesses and brick and mortar. To manage their own IT needs.

In my experience, a lot of businesses do 1 of 2 things when it comes to IT needs and their business.

They either ; outsource it to an external company. Sometimes this is great, but there are many downsides including

- losing control of your IT assets and property

- Being charged (and often overcharged) for IT services

- Not always being given the full info eg; what really went wrong, how was it fixed, what can we do better next time etc.

- Not knowing what the company is actually providing you

Or they may choose to try to manage their IT needs in house, often without the proper knowledge and training. This leads to frustration and often confusion and also leaves the business open to security threats/

My question to you is....

If you are a small cuisines owner (if you are using WA, then you are!) or if you are a brick and mortar business owner (currently or previously)

Would you find a blog / podcast that discussed how to manage your own business IT needs useful, topics covered would be

- how to set up professional business email

- how to manage / create your own business website

- how to set up a professional shared file system for your business

- how to create a professional backup solution for your businesses

- how to manage IT assets

- how to find the best software for use in your business

+ lots of other great stuff and interviews with people who have taken on the task of managing their own IT needs.

Thanks for reading and any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Brendan0311 Premium
Hey Dan,
Sounds like a great idea, and I know you will crush it !
I too am in Australia, and just wanted to reach out and see what impact the current COVID -19 has had on your business, and if you had any strategies that you are currently implementing.

I am in the Local Lead Generation space and like many , times are quite challenging. I am using this time though to refine my processes, reset my goals and make sure that I am hitting the ground running when we come out the other end.

Would be very interested to share your thoughts.


JeffreyBrown Premium
Great post, my friend! Thanks for sharing!

ChrystopherJ Premium
Hi, great post and idea, although this already exists out there, but if done right, you can become the authority withiin your field. I wish you the best of success with this.

Personally, I've built, run and manage an MSP (providing outsourced IT) for SMB's. So you might say that I'm biased in some ways ;-)

What we have found over the years, is that the businesses that we support, usually 2-25 users, don't have the knowledge/expertise within the business, and even when they have someone who "thinks" they know IT and beome the "go to guy", they are missing a lot of the current training and awareness. Especially when it comes to Cyber Security or advanced issues way over their head.

The other key thing we find, is that they just don't have the time to deal with IT. As it takes them away from working on their business, as they end up working in their business.

As a company, we partner with our clients, providing them with a named individual, who understands their business. We also charge a flat fee for our services, so that IT expenditure is predictable.

I can completely see where you are coming from, but by managing IT completely in house for an SMB, it is just leaving them wide open to issues and even downtime.

I'd be very interested to follow your progress :-)

Hope you and your family are safe and well

Speak soon,
platts05 Premium
Thanks for the Reply Christopher! This is exactly the sort of response I was seeking! Sounds like you are running your MSP right! (I have been involved with MSP businesses for a while and you have it right)

The sad thing is, I see so many businesses being 'ripped off' on not looked after by third party providers, which is why I came up with this idea...

I understand what you mean about limited time and having the person in the office who 'sort of' knows what they are doing.

I guess on reflection, maybe you are right, people dont have the time. But I have spoken to some business owners who would definitely like to keep their basic IT needs it house ( especailly given the likely upcoming economic conditions we are going to be facing)

in saying that, I dont want the idea to come across like "All MSPs are ripping you off etc" I understand that third parties absolutely are needed.

maybe I need to refine this idea ....
ChrystopherJ Premium
Lets say it's a small plumbing business, 3-4 guys out on the road and 1-2 in the office, you wouldn't expect the office staff to have the tools or resources to remotely connect to the plumbers mobiles/tablets/laptops when they are facing an issue. Even if they did, that then means that their main phone line is now engaged, so new customers can't get through.

The majority of our fixes/resolutions are performed before the customer even notices, or remotely. Both of which free up their time and phone line. Fixes are also usually identifed and applied within minutes. Compared to the "go to" person in the office searching Google for their exact need, then having to understand how to apply it.

I saw a great advert once for an HR company. They had a picture of a local business's van (lets say plumbing) with their plumbing logo on the side followed by "&" then "HR". I've always wanted to do the same thing for IT, but getting a picture of a van logo'd up saying "Plumbing Services & IT Services" ;-) I think you get my drift :-)

Dont't get me wrong, your idea is great, it will help someone out, but as this is WA, I would personally link your blog to an MSP's Affiliate Scheme ;-) So that they find the information usefull, but it then gets them under the right support agreement.

That's what we do, but we direct them to ourselves, of course ;-)

Just my two cents...
RoderickSher Premium
Well, if you're doing a podcast, you can do one for each topic as they are all things people need to know. However, if you're going to do the Podcasts on internet marketing and affiliate marketing issues, make sure to clarify that instead of saying "IT issues".

That's fine for actual IT issues like fixing your computer, but your bottom list of topics I would find some online business/affiliate marketing keywords to help with clarity, understanding and so people will sign up for a Podcast they truly want to watch or you could get a big bounce rate.

Other than that, podcasts are huge for SEO and getting your name out in your niche - it's a big step on becoming an authority; however, you would need to do a lot of them. You could do half podcasts, half videos where you are basically doing a podcast but has a visual walkthrough - especially good for product reviews.
I hope that helps!
- Rod
RoderickSher Premium
But, to answer the original question, yes, I would be interested in watching them, for content and to support you.
Its obvious you have a game plan and mentality that's oriented upon success and proliferation of your career goals. Keep being meticulous and methodic in your approach and I will continue to learn and observe from the potential and credentials that have thus been so influencial in my own growth and transcendence.