A Morning Win!

Last Update: October 16, 2018

I have decided to start documenting some of my recent successes here at WA. Usually, I like to keep my thoughts, success and failures... to myself. But after some self reflection I have decided that I need to share some more of my stories.

Anyway, this morning I got up and had a quick look at my affiliate account and had a nice little $ value in my account. It put a great smile on my face!

While it isn't a major amount, I can really see things are coming together on this site. One thing that I have noticed with this site though, is that the $$$ is rolling in a lot quicker than other sites.

I think that is because now I have the training down I am able to get a site up and ranking quicker. I have also further expanded my web development skills, specialising in site speed, my sites are loading fast and Google is loving it!

Thanks for reading guys, if I can give any newbies any advice I would just say STICK WITH IT. This is another success post, there are hundreds here on WA - Don't think it won't happen for you. Believe it! It will happen!

Anyone is welcome to contact me for any help! Particularly web design / developement (My speciality)

I will be posting regularly here at WA with my wins and also my losses. I think there is so much to learn from the failures (I have plenty)


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Kyle Premium
This is a big step, may seem like a small financial gain, but earnings like this prove who real this business is, how real it is that people are spending droves of money online, and how vast the opportunity is.

Keep at it Dan, you are doing amazing!
smokeywins Premium
Great work! Keep it up!
firstlearn Premium
Every little helps Dan.

Brendan0311 Premium
Awesome stuff Dan.......looking forward in sharing my experiences as well.
Keep up the good work !
JonLake Premium
Nice one Dan. Keep posting your successes and failures. Everything is educational.