Here's 3 Things You Are Probably Doing Right Now That Are Holding You Back From Blasting Off!

Last Update: October 18, 2018

Has your online business blasted off yet? If not, you may be doing one or all of these things that are definetly delaying your "blast off".

I wanted to share this list with you becuase they are 3 things I see a lot of people do. Not just here on WA but in some brick-and-mortar businesses I work with too!

So what are the 3 things you are porbably doing right now that are holding you back?

1 - Perfectionism - I can't tell you the amount of sites I have seen where people spend hours... and hours... and hours on trying to make the site look visually perfect. My advice... don't worry about what the site looks like. Yes the font needs to be readible and yes, having some colour on the pages is great. But don't worry about the small things. If an image on your page looks a little bit different to how you expected it, just let it go and move on to writign your next article. The time you spend trying to fix such a small issue could be better spent on writing another article. Unless the issue is causing your site to fail completely don't worry too much about it. If your article doesn't quite reach 1,500 words - don't worry. If you have written a good quality article and it is 800 words. Awesome! don't stress trying to add more words. It usually ends up in wasted time and forcing more words usually lowers the overall quality. Just publish it and move on

2 - Fear of failure - This is a big one , and it happens a lot. Failure is nothing to be afraid of - actually failure is the ultimate learning tool. If you want proof just read some of the examples here on WA of people who have failed on many sites before "blasting off" with a website. Don't be afraid to keep going if things aren't coming together as quickly as you thought they would.

3 - Getting Lost in the "noise" - What is the "noise"? The noise can be a lot of things. It might be fact that someone here on WA has posted about how well their Pinterest account is doing. Then you start to worry that you don't have a Pinterest account. It might be someone in an online forum telling you that if you don't have an opt-in pop up on your site, no one will ever join your mailing list. These are simply examples of "noise" that I see people worry about. There will always be other people doing things differently to you, and that's fine. Don't get caught up in all of the "noise" just stick with the training here on WA and keep going. Seek help and opinions from others, but don't take their success (or failures) as gospel.

If you find yourself doing any of these things. STOP! take a step back and think. Stick to the training and believe in yourself and the system and training here at WA. You will get there!



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AlanBenney Premium
Great advice thank you
firstlearn Premium
Good reminders of what we shouldn't be doing.

RogerHumbke Premium
Great reminders to help me stay focused on what is important.

rick1972 Premium
Hi Platts,

Nice post!

Definitely, getting lost in the "noise" makes a lot of sense to me.

There is the fourth thing in my opinion, "No Planning". The minimum planning should be a great idea. It's like Survivor Island.