2020 Content Strategy - Getting Ready To BLAST OFF!

Last Update: January 22, 2020

I can't believe we are already almost through January! This month has already been a crazy one! Today I wanted to write a post to share my content strategy for 2020. Why?... two reasons.

1. Accountability - Posting here at WA keeps me accountable to what I am planning to achieve this year. I will continue to post on this strategy as the months pass to update everyone on how it is going.

2. So you can follow / join me (if you wish to) - For any new WA members out there who want to get their new site pumping with content, you are welcome to follow along - I am open to a weekly meeting / catch up to discuss if enough people are interested

2019 Was Great But 2020 Will Be EPIC!

Last year I posted some great content that has ranked well, but I didn't post enough and I didn't post consistently. There are plenty of excuses I could make for why I didn't post more but I'm not going to give you any. I simply didn't post enough. This year is going to be different though, as you will see below I have a solid content schedule that I am ready to blast off with!

Written Posts

The core element of my content strategy is still written posts (Mostly Reviews). Last year I found some great keywords for a range of different products in my niche. As I would find a keyword that meets the 100<QSR & >100 AVG Monthly Searches rule, I would start writing.

Over the last few weeks though, I have been reviewing my site and it is obvious that there is some content that seems 'random'. I think this is because I was writing a post on a keyword for product X and then moving to a keyword on a different product Y. Then I would come back to product X and write another post.

This year I'm doing things differently, I have spent January building a spreadsheet of Keywords I'm going to target. I have grouped them by product. Then I have allocated each product a month. From Feb to November. Every month will be spent on a different product. Some months have more than 1 product, while some bigger items, with a lot of keywords that suit will be all I create content for in some months.

Along with this I have also been following on of Dylan s strategies for best of posts.

Basically the best of post summarizes 10 - 15 products in my niche and then from there I break down each product in that list and run the strategy above ( a review and some relevant posts on how to use the product)

YouTube Content

As you know, YouTube is a huge platform. Video content is an awesome way to rank and build authority in a niche. I am going to be using it this year to really ramp up my content output. Along with the written posts I will be creating some 'how to' style videos for each product, mainly focusing on things that people want to know about the product. (easy to find with Jaxxy) I think this method is going to work well as people find videos very easy to consume, especially when it comes to 'how to's'

I am planning to create at least 1 - 3 short (3 min) videos for each product. The videos will link back to my posts of course.

Consistency Is Key

It is easy for me to come up with this content strategy / plan, but it is pointless if I don't follow through with the plan. That is why I am posting it here. So that I can refer back to it and keep on track.

I have set up a dedicated calendar were I have created an 'event' for every post this year, this way I can see everything in one screen. As I complete a post I will mark it off and move to the next one.

Summing Up

Each month I will create content for 1 - 5 products. Generally a solid Review on the product and then several 'how to use', 'does the product have' posts. These will be mostly written but some video content also for some 'how to's'

Content will be going up regularly on my site with Social media posts going out along with the content.

* One other thing I did not mention is why I don't have any new posts going up in December and January, That is because those two months are going to be used for two things

1 - Creating next years content strategy / keyword list

2 - Reviewing and editing old content (this is a strategy that has worked very well for me in the past)

As always if you have any questions or want to join me please leave a comment below.

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drjec Premium
Keep posting. I will try to follow and contribute. I would really like to learn more about developing good content.
Ahimbe Premium
I like your plans for this year. They even include a slot to help people.
Thank you for sharing and I wish you the best with the content strategy.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Sounds like some very solid plans for 2020, Dan!👍
platts05 Premium
Thank you! be sure to keep an eye on my follow up posts in the coming months to track progress on this strategy!
JeffreyBrown Premium
You bet, my friend!