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My php is outdated please assist me fast enough?
My website is running on PHP 7.3.9 and yet am recommended for the version…
8 months ago 3 Replies
I want to help me improve my site php it seems like running the old version?
Hi Site support,I am here requesting for assistance to improve my site…
8 months ago 1 Reply
Hi kyle, how do I create a subscription page and also include a widget for wa on the sidebar?
Hi Kyle, How do I create a Subscription Page and also include a widget…
8 months ago 2 Replies
How can I link my drop down menus to a page of contents?
I am trying to get my drop down menus to be linked to the a page of content…
8 months ago 6 Replies
How can I create email list and autoresponder?
I am trying to look for any video training or even information about email…
9 months ago 4 Replies
Website assistance. I have set it up but it is not pleasing?
Who can assist me in configuration of my website?
10 months ago 3 Replies