Develop a Growth Mindset

Last Update: April 14, 2017

How to Develop a Growth Mindset

This all starts by building your confidence. Here is a few pointers to develop a Growth Mindset.

  • -Shut the Voice in You

Shut the voice in you that tells you: “You can’t do this. What happens if you fail? Will they laugh at me?”

Argue with yourself and tell the voice that you indeed can do it and no one is going to laugh at you.

  • -Look at the Half Full Glass

You always have at least two choices. If you fail at something in your life you choose to see it as a failure or you can choose to see at as an opportunity to learn from … it is you that decide. Always seek the positive from every situation.

  • -Reward yourself

Celebrate small accomplishments and remind yourself how much you are learning. Understand that everything is part of learning. This way you develop a mindset of always growing and learning.

  • -Be Realistic

Set realistic expectations to yourself. Maybe you need to revise your goals. Maybe you are too ambitious and therefore setting yourself up for failure. If you put your targets to a way where you obtain small wins where you are getting rewards, you’ll continue to build up confidence.

  • -Exercise

Exercise, do yoga or meditate – that will keep yourself calm and mentally strong. A strong mind will help you to build up confidence and to see things clearer. This will enable you to develop that growth mindset.

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