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Last Update: January 14, 2016

Free Tools I use a Bunch - Version 2

This is an addition to my first version located here:

Rather than just stick a bunch links in this one, I decided to create categories to ease organization and give you some decriptions of some cool free (or free-to-try) tools out there. Some you may come across, but hopefully you'll find a few new nuggets of information that will be helpful to bulding your new Wealthy Affiliate websites!

(And, hey, I even took the time to create these way-cool little graphics for each one to help prevent pure boredom!)


SEO Keyword Research Stuff:

Google Keyword Planner

Because we rely a lot on Google Traffic, it's good to know what they are looking for. You'll need a Google Adwords account (Their Pay-Per-Click PPC platform). This was originally designed for paid search, but like our WA keyword tool this tool has a lot of SEO keyword research value also.

WordStream Keyword Tool

This is a keyword suggestion took that can provide some pretty extensive and highly relevant suggestions fom a constantly updated database of more than a billion keywords. The WordStream database incorporates keywords from diverse sources, not just Google alone!


With the free version of this tool, for every keyword you enter, it will generate up to 100 keyword phrases. This will provide you with a few ideas to help with LSI keywords - along with estimated search volumes.


Enter a keyword term in the box provided, choose a language and format - web, images, news, shopping, etc - and you will receive a list of keyword suggestions


This keyword tool will assist in finding you the keywords that folks are typing into Google search. Great alternative to Google Keyword Planner if you're having trouble with their interface which isn't the easiest to figure out.

Website Checkup and Analytics

Checking the SEO structure of your website (on-page SEO) is of course important to ensure you are getting the maximum use of your new virtual real estate (yep, your website). It's hard work and you wanna get out every ounce of power you can to drive web traffic and real eyeballs to your site.

Additionally, anchor text and quality backlinks (off-page SEO) as I have mentioned in previous blogs and training is crucial, especially within highly competitive niche markets. Also, in addition to variations of your anchor text backlinks, Google and other search engines like to see a variety of IP addresses from where these backlinks are sourced (the websites you were able to get backlinks on.) With many websites such as Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and so on) you will have no control over this. And, will others such as relevant niche blogs or other websites, you'll be lucky to simple get one backlink with one associated IP address. But, with some other places, you many notice a bunch of IP addresses associated with the website. This can be good, but it can also be bad. If someone promises you several backlinks and they are all coming from the same IP address, they aren't helping you much. (Let's say the guy tells you he has several websites he will promote YOUR website on - they should have separate IP classes (IP addresses come in "classes" like A, B, C). Yea, I sense many eyeballs just glossed over. LOL! The latter part of this paragraph is informational and will gel down the road. Don't stress!!!!

SEO Site Checkup

Runs a quick check-up on any website to discover SEO issues including keyword usage, robots.txt, sitemaps, speed optimization and mobility response.

HubSpot's Marketing Guide

Unlike so many other SEO analytic tools out there, this one focuses primarily on your site's SEO activities. The marketing grader digs deep into your website's online marketing stratgy and effectiveness.

Traffic Travis

This is a "Free-to-Download" desktop application that performs a full SEO health check on any website and uncovers possible technical issues that might affect your ranking.


Another free SEO tool that will help analyze your website and presents you with an in-depth view of site popularity, technical attributes and SEO health.

BackLink Investigation

Open Site Explorer

The free version of this tool does have a limitation. You can only run 3 reports per day and access a mere 1000 backlinks per site. So, if you're checking on an older site, this will be a problem, but for younger sites it works quite well. You will receive Page Authority, Domain Authority, social metrics and details on all inbound backlinks and linking domains. Very powerful.

Majestic SEO Site Explorer

With the free version of this tool, you will be able to access general information about your website such as the number of referring domains, number of external backlinks, number of referring IP addresses, etc.

AHRefs Site Explorer

This is another powerhouse backlink analytics tool on the Internet. the free version will allow you to discover 15 backlink checking requests per day. The backlink overview includes information such as the total number of backlinks, the number of referring domains and a corresponding TLD (Top-Level Domain) breakdown fo the backlink types (examples - text, images, nofollow, dofollow, etc.)

Link Diagnostics

LD works with the corresponding Mozilla Firefox (web browser) extension. With the extension, the tool will display complete information on backlinks, link type, anchor text, mozRank, Page Authority and Domain Authority


This cute little tool will produce various detailed backlink reports with views by link, anchor text and country. Also, it will provide IP address and a few other tidbits of useful information. Many charts and graphs to help in your analysis. Email is required to receive reports though.

Small SEO Tools

A simply keyword density and word-depth calculator - much like the free WA tool we have here.


This old an proven tool will provide the density percentage of all keywords on any page you with to search on yours or anyone's website.

Site Crawlability

Sitemap Generator

Don't wanna install a plug-in for sitemaps? You don't have to. This cool wee tool will "crawl" your website and generate an XML (extensive markup language) sitemap that can be submitted to Google, Bing and any other search engine you with to help them crawl your website effortlessly.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

The ScreamingFrog SEO Spider tool has a really cool name, huh? LOL! It's a small download, desktop install program that you can install on your computer (even Mac or Linux) which will crawl or spider your website's links, images, CSS, script and apps from an SEO perspective.

Duplicate Content Checkers

Plagiarism Checker

To use this plagarism checker, simply copy and paste your content and click on the button that says "Check for Plagiarism", then kick back and watch it work as it scans your content to ensure it is all unique.


This one has been around for years and trusted all over. This duplicate detention software can check your entire website and shows you other websites that have pages with similar content.


PlagSpotter is a web duplicate content checking an monitoring agency that has a free tool that will provide originality and sources reports.


Check any IP address, Email Address, or domain name to see if it is blacklisted for Spam - free online form to check one at a time. They also have a WordPress plug in that is free to test, but has an annual contract.

Social Metrics

Social Mention

SocialMention is a free social media listening tool that aggregates user generated content from 100+ social media marketing platforms. SocialMention allows you to "listen in" on recent social conversations about any topic or brand and will also provide some fairly descriptive statistics for those results.


You'll need to login with your Twitter account, so go get one first, if you don't already have one. Twazzup is a cool inuitive monitoring tool where you just enter the name, brand or company you wish to track and you instantly get real-time updates on the most active top influencers tweety about your search topic. Yep, you need to get to know these guys and retweet them or begin some relationship building!


Meltwater's IceRocket tool offers blog, Twitter and Facebook monitoring in 20 languages as well as results graphs that you can play with. It also allows you the ability to choose the periods of time you are interested in monitoring.

Social Scheduling Tools

As you are aware, Social Media has grown in rapid fashion and can help get your young website some initial traffic while you continue to build your outstanding unique and engaging content.

Well, you may not realize that there has been some recent studies done on the best times of day to post to Facebook, Twitter, etc. Yep, peak times like 8 to 9 in the morning, during lunch, around 5 when peeps are finishing up work and around 7 p.m. in the evenings when peeps are relaxing in front of the T.V. (Just examples) So, some folks have come out with some social media scheduling tools to help you optimize your time AND maximize your social postings.....


Hoot allows you to manage and schedule posts for multiple social media profiles via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare and more. HootSuite is free for up to 5 social media network accounts.


FutureTweets is a free service that lets you schedule your Twitter messages. This a really simple to use tool that comes with a unique option to "flip" the Tweet. Kinda weird.


Yep, that a real name! LOL! With LaterBro, you can schedule recurring Facebook updates or schdule tweets from multiple Twitter accounts.

Dynamic Tweets

DynamicTweets allows you or any business to enter future tweets and schedule them to be posted at specific times. The cool unique feature of this tool is the ability to upload a CSV file of planned tweets, including information for the time, date, Twitter account, tweet and optional tracking code.

Content Curation

Content Curation is the processing of collecting a bunch of information on a topic that may be vague and not outlined well and deliver the information in an organized and easier to understand method. There's a bit of debate on this topic in that it violates certain duplicate content rules most SEO gurus live by. BUT...., several sites are booming with great content curation methods and as long as the sources of the information are well documented, it seems to be a worthy endeavor.


ScoopIt is a fanstastic tool for discovring hidden gems relevant to specific topics and helps you save time by delivering a constant stream of curated content in your niche.


Handy web or mobile app that once setup is easy to use and can help create awesome curaated magazine type content. Incorporate your blog posts in with resources from leading niche websites.

See more on my previous blog post here:

Identifying Influencers

As I indicated above, finding out who the "influencers" are within your niche in social media can help brand yourself as an authority and "network" with others in your niche community. Here are a couple of tools to help identify the big players in your niche that are also big into the social circuits....


FollowerWonk enables you to compare Twitter users and serach twitter profiles by location.


PeerReach analyzes your connections and interactions to determine you interests, expertise and the influencers that are most relevant to you. Compare and asses your PeerGroups, their levels of influence and join conversations with like-minded peeps. PeerReach uses an algorithm to rank influencers based on the interactions they receive in a specific location.


Klout is a website and mobile app that uses social media analytics to rank its users according to online social influence via the "Klout Score", which is a numerical value. There is a cool Google Chrome plug-in also available that will show you any Twitter's users Klout score immediately. I use this one a lot.

Well, again, i hope you found some tidbits of information with this information.

Comment and bookmark as you wish!



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