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Hi everyone,Two months more to go and it will be my 5th year anniversary with Wealthy Affiliate. Time flies fast. I can still remember how I got here. While on the train/bus going to work, I would Google what work from home jobs I can do, so I can stay home and take care of my then 1-year-old daughter. I found Affilorama and almost signed up. While waiting for their reply to my inquiry, I found Wealthy Affiliate. And the rest is history.I joined Wealthy Affiliate because it asked to make a prom
It's been a while since I blogged. Juggling being a full-time mom, hands-on homemaker and now homeschooling my first grader, I can barely keep up with the pieces of training here. Despite that, I am thankful that whatever I learned (and learning starting from when I joined back in 2015), has been very helpful for me to create an online income.I want to quote a page from my favorite book "Steal like an Artist.""...if you try to devour the history of your disciple all at once, you'll choke. Inste
So I've been wanting to start my YouTube channel ever since - to share how I made the training here work for my blogs. It was only until 2 days ago that I finally had the courage to start it!Wish me luck!Cheers!PitinP.S. Link in my Profile :)
January 23, 2020
Google Kills the Cookie, Leaving Digital Media Companies Craving a New Way ForwardHow does this affect our blogs?It is unclear to me how it will affect our blogs, so I am hoping some PROs will enlighten me. Thank you!Pitin
I have a 1 year old site. I started it last year. After working for 1 month and publishing 8 posts, i technically abandoned it.Today, i received an email that i got a commision of around $200. Upon checking my account, i have a total of 7 referals that came from that dead site.Amazing how passive income works!:)I’ll leave this here to remind myself to get back working on that site when I have the extra fund for outsourcing contents.Thank you WA!
Tomorrow’s my 2nd year with Wealthy Affiliate University.My first year was a major learning curve. During my first month, I rushed to finish the Online Certification Course for less than a month to see what WA was all about. I had a full-time 10-7 job back then (which most of the time would let me work overtime and over the weekends, too - for FREE). I hated the feeling of leaving my then 2-yr old daughter to my maid, which I would usually supervise over CCTV cameras at home.I badly wante
For the next 10 days (Aug 3, 2016):I would like to do a spring cleaning of my site. Improve CTAs, update all existing articles.For the next 30 days (Aug 27, 2016):I would like to add 12 articles. That is consistently publish 3 articles per week.For the next 6 months (Jan 27, 2017):I would like to have a total of 100 quality articles on my site.For the next year (July 27, 2017):I would like to have 1,000 organic visitors a day.
I have been here for 9 months now and I am revisiting the training from point 1. Given that the circumstances now are different (I don't have a fulltime job anymore), I have decided to change my monetary goals.------I'd be happy to earn $2,500 a month.I'd be ecstatic to earn $5,000 a month.I am willing to work 8-10 hours a day, Monday to Friday as this is now my fulltime job.
I am on my way to escaping the someday island. I have vowed to myself to quit my full-time job and do this full-time one more year from now. I have been saving a portion of my monthly salary as emergency fund to still have a budget for at least 6 months to 1 year by the time I quit my job, but until then, I am expecting a slow and steady progress with my website as a result of not working on it full-time.This is my accumulated earnings from Amazon US from January - June 2016. It's a slow progre
May 17, 2016
Hello everyone,I have been silent for a few months because of the following:1. One month no-WA vacation2. Busy 10-7 full-time job3. Playing with my daughter 2 hours in the morning before I leave for work and 3 hours at night after work before I send her to sleep.4. Trying to bring back the sparkle in my married life (haha)5. Learning a new skill I need for my full-time job.LOL. That's a lot. Nevertheless, I still hold on to my dream of becoming boss-free someday. Here is my 7th month progress.