2nd Year At Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: October 16, 2017

Tomorrow’s my 2nd year with Wealthy Affiliate University.

My first year was a major learning curve. During my first month, I rushed to finish the Online Certification Course for less than a month to see what WA was all about. I had a full-time 10-7 job back then (which most of the time would let me work overtime and over the weekends, too - for FREE). I hated the feeling of leaving my then 2-yr old daughter to my maid, which I would usually supervise over CCTV cameras at home.

I badly wanted to quit my full-time job back then.

Listening to Brian Tracy over YouTube while commuting to work, I was inspired to make the first step. I followed people online who inspired me, including WA members who share their success stories.

June of 2016, I lost my job. It was like a blessing in disguise which made my decision easier to make blogging a full-time job.

It took around 4 months to get over with the depression of not knowing where to start, “settle to our new home (we used to work and live in Singapore and now we are back in the Philippines for good)” and get my momentum going.

For the year 2016, I only earned $162.74 from Amazon. It was okay back then since I had a full-time job taking care of our bills. I was only working part-time for my blog most of the time, around 2-3 hours a day - writing random stuff, tweaking my theme, and focusing on everything else but not adding content. Who am I to expect more?

Nowadays, I get sales everyday ranging from $1 to $80. If I am to look at the increase of my pay from January to October of 2017, it’s like getting a $50-$100 increase every month. It's not much in USD, but that's a lot in Philippine peso.

During the Amazon Prime sale, I experienced a $200 commission in one day - that’s 10,000 Philippine peso which can pay our one month rent, and one month grocery.

My 2017 earnings (so far) is not a very significant amount yet if we are spending it in dollars. Luckily we convert them to Philippine peso, so it’s like having a full-time 9-7 job, minus the hassle of everyday commute. I am also hands-on with my daughter now.

I also have two WA Premium referrals and a few free members referrals. Most of them are my friends.

Here are some of the not so secret steps I did to increase my sales.

  1. I wrote 1 article EVERYDAY for at least six months (October 19, 2016 to April 19, 2017).

  2. I used Google calendar to take note of what I will be writing about every month and STICKED to it.

  3. I used the Trial version of Crazy egg app to take a peek at what my visitors are clicking. That’s when I realized that I don’t have enough affiliate links.

  4. I started to attach my affiliate links to product mentions and photos in my posts. I am still not done putting affiliate links to all my reviews until now. I know, stupid right? I'm targeting to finish it before the month ends.

Honestly, once you know what’s working and not, you just have to keep on doing what’s working and avoid the mistakes you did in the past.

I'm currently only using WA and BoardBooster platforms to grow my blog.

Keep going guys!


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MKearns Premium
There's a lot of trial and error. Things should smooth out in year two!
Urolin1981 Premium
Hi! pitin, Quite an inspiring story for me to follow, and I would like to learn more and deeper from you. You have earned my admiration and respect.

To learn how to get life going and to know each other better, without further saying, I appreciate you may take a look into my updated profile in , and focus on how to help my 3+-week old www.ebettercare.com to get up and running as an effective online marketing site. I don't mind any critical and harsh words as long as it can get going as wished.

I value your input because you have a rich experience in such.

Cheers and best to success,

AlexEvans Premium
Congratulations, Pitin, you will be feeling pleased with your progress, all the best for the coming year and thank you for sharing your experiences with your journey.
paulgoodwin Premium
Wonderful to see how you are progressing Pitin and I know this second year will be great for you

pitin Premium
Thank you Paul. :)
paulgoodwin Premium
You are welcome
Carol46 Premium
Congratulations, Pitin and every best wish for more successful years ahead :)
pitin Premium
Thank you Carol:)