Wealthy Affiliate $6800 June income report

Last Update: July 09, 2017

Wealthy Affiliate Income Report

Well this was the best month ever for my affiliate marketing side business! The total commissions generated for the month of June, from the four affiliate programs that I am currently promoting was $6800. The majority of the commissions came from a stock trading educational product (screen shot shown above) that made $6327 in June 2017. This was also the month that I joined Wealthy Affiliate. Some of the individual commissions were as large as $1000 each.

This month has really opened my eyes to the power of high paying affiliate programs that have excellent sales funnels. In the coming months I am going to continue to focus on promoting and finding new high ticket, high quality affiliate programs instead of fighting for $28 commission from Amazon :). I think that Wealthy Affiliate will be very helpful in doing this! There are so many great people on this site that I can get advice from. The wealthy affiliate also seems to have a world class affiliate program - it has everything that I look for in an affiliate program.

Usually I average just over $2000 a month with affiliate marketing as my side business. However, in May and June I focused entirely and full time on my affiliate business to see what was possible. I have been doing this on the side for 4 years but finally starting to think that a full time living may be possible with affiliate marketing!

Wealthy Affiliate has some great training and I am looking forward to getting more involved with the WA community!

Does anyone have any suggestions for good high ticket affiliate products?



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skygirl Premium
Hi, Phyrb! You are starting to look like a pro. I'm a newbie, haven't even started yet....but I always thought hi ticket affiliates were the way to go, I found a training for just that....but I need to focus on just the basic WA training.

I would love to be able to ask you a question if I get stuck....you have so much knowledge!

Kyle told me to check you
out.....I'm so glad I did! Best wishes to you for continued success!

MikeC69 Premium
Nice to see some re-energize juice poured on us climbers from time to time . Thanks for this post !
hashrea Premium
Hi Russell I think I want to follow what you are doing. I believe promoting high ticket products is a one time shot big commission.
Julie-Anne Premium
Enagic Kangen Water Ionizers offer a great compensation plan to their affiliates/distributors. "Infinite-Freedom" (with Geoff Hughes) is using this product to market his online marketing program. Apparently many happy campers with this online marketing "automated system"- I haven't been able to find any negative reviews. But the set-up seemed more like an MLM to me rather than "affiliate marketing". It's definitely a big ticket item priced at over $3,000- so good luck finding buyers who actually want the machine. It's mostly buyers who are looking to make money online who are recruiting other people wanting to make money online and getting them to hop on the bus, rather than sell the machine. See compensation plan here: http://preview.tinyurl.com/yb23ss7x
BOwusu Premium
Thanks for sharing.
Anandhijohn Premium
Hi, Thanks for sharing this post.
SteveG1 Premium
Keep doing fantastic things.
bonniecruz Premium
Thank you sharing your success! Very inspiring.. Keep rocking it!
Brendag123 Premium
That's awesome! keep up the good work!
mrdrone Premium
Very inspiring Russell! Thanks for sharing.
MrPeter56 Premium
Hey Russell, that's great man. I love hearing stories like this. I helps me see the potential here and what's actually possible if you work at it and follow the training. Keep going brotha!
Yup its hard work the trick seems to be picking the right affiliate programs and promoting them via social media while working hard over months and years on SEO optimization. I post to forums, other blogs, almost all the social networks. Constantly adding content and working on back links and SEO. Good Luck!
lsmalone Premium
Awesome work!!! Awesome Fun!!!
William30 Premium
Hi Phyrb
Just Like To Say Is Have You Try Clickbank
JaRoDavis Premium
lol good idea I think that's a GREAT focus! I don't have any suggestions but this post will inspire many people who run into it because it definitely inspired me. Keep up the AWESOME WORK!