Questions by Phollett 8

Can i know to little about the computer?
Can i know to little about the computer to make this work, as i ask questions…
1 year ago 13 Replies
How to do rich snippets?
I have a post I am working on in site content and was going to do the…
1 year ago 3 Replies
My content is not spaced enough?
I just wrote a post and I tried to edit it because the content was not…
1 year ago 4 Replies
Why does my blog post not show up on my website?
I published a blog a couple of days ago,and for some reason it is not…
2 years ago 13 Replies
Can i write of my mortgage for taxes, or my rent?
Does anyone know if i can write of my mortgage or rent now that i work…
2 years ago 9 Replies
How come my contact form is not showing up on my website?
I followed the instructions,and for some reason it is not showing up on…
2 years ago 18 Replies
Do i need to shorten my link if i am using pretty link?
I was also wondering how i get a link from my review post,is it the permalink…
2 years ago 6 Replies
Why are my pictures on my website to large?
Hi,My pictures for my post are small,and i think they are the right size,…
2 years ago 4 Replies