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July 11, 2016
Charge! Dear WA Family,I just wanted to let you know of a huge major topic that may seem a bit confusing for most of you since WA adds new changes every day.One of them which I was not really aware of was the Domain Transfer from Namecheap to WA Hosting, at least the more updated recent version that is.So, here's how the convo (conversation) went with me and Kyle, aka the Tiger Tamer as I like to nickname him. There you have it folks, the big sha bang! details of what I had to go through.Hope t
I joined on May 2015, so correction, I guess that means 2 years. I cannot believe that it has been exactly 1 Year since I started working with you all in WA yesterday.I would have wrote this blog yesterday but I was at a friend's wedding. ^_^So, I was super busy that day.
I am so happy that Tristan our Golden Pup finally turned 1 year old today exactly on 05/15/2016. :)He still remains a heartthrob to the neighborhood kids and a sweetheart at home for my parents and I. :DTristan sure does look a ton like his parents: Goldie and Air Bud, wink wink. ;)
January 11, 2016
Is that a good enough Blog Post Title?Or, how about Angel Has Been Sucked Deep Into Cyberspace, Help Us Get Her Back!Even Firebird Alert sort of a pun on Amber Alert but thought I would mention it anyway.Now, everyone listen up, go to YouTube now and listen to the song: Who Let The Dogs Out!I am a dog lover and animal lover of sorts.But, now twist the lyrics just a tiny tad bit and sing: Who LET THE FLAMES OUT? WHO! WHO! WHO!Did I make you laugh or smile while reading this?If so, then I hope yo
Alright, so after a bit of not checking my Blog Post Keywords and how they were ranking, I was surprised to see this. You may need to Zoom In depending on your smartphone or PC device. I was ranking for a Keyword in 1st Place and below me is a KISSmetrics Blog Post by Neil Patel. :O Mind blowing indeed. I was like: He is the SEO Guru and how could I a little lady have dethroned him from his Top Spot? What have I done? T_TPerhaps, this is just a fancy snazzy way of emphasizing: "SEO Ladies First
September 28, 2015
Yes, I know ya'll are probably thinking, why on Earth do I have this as a Title of a Blog Post.In theory, Damsel In Distress means a young lady in trouble that needs rescuing. I was in a bit of turmoil due to being overly excited for something completely irrelevant.I learned my lesson by reading this Great Blog Post by none other than the Lively Loes. :) By "Lively" I mean Full of Energy, Active and Outgoing. :DTotally Useless Requests of Welcoming New People and a Waste of Your and My TimeIt w
September 14, 2015
I have no idea how this happened. Google actually likes me now. (^_^) Yay! :DAnd all this time I thought Google was an Angry Bird but it turned out to be quite the Generous Gentle Giant Google indeed. (^_^)You may want to bust out your Smartphones for better Zooming In purposes since the Computer Zooming blurs the Text in the Pictures pretty badly. :)I am using SERPLAB as a supplement alongside using the WA KW Tool and Jaaxy.If you would like to know more information and how to set up your ownF
It is hard to believe and say this but I have been in WA for 3 months as a Premi now. Well, since August 25, 2015 I can say without a shadow of a doubt for sure I have been a Premi when I had Upgraded to become one in May 25. I joined WA on May 21st, and am amazed thus far in how much I have done since then. :)I want to humbly thank all of the WA Members that have stood by my side through thick and thin to this very day. I have tears of joy while writing this. You all mean the world to me, and
Music is not only a Talent, it is a Gift presented for all to enjoy.Music in its many forms can be very therapeutic, it delivers and conveys a special message to open up your emotions to realize there is hope, success, to be fearless, to learn that as a new day approaches, you start afresh with bright dreams and accomplishments to be set. Back in the day when I was in College studying as a Psychology Major and was asked to do Powerpoint Presentation Projects on Topics like Who Am I? Needless to