Two months -Where did the byproducts come from?

Last Update: July 20, 2020

Two months in from the creation of my blog and time to reflect

So this has been an awesome journey so far and I am having a great time and most importantly learning lots. In total 55 posts and 259 comments which surprised me as I did not see that coming for my little niche site.

Rather than list my achievements in one paragraph and struggle :) I thought it would be useful to list 5 “byproducts” that have come out of being part of WA. So the things I have got but did not expect.

5) You get a sense of community and give it back.

I have felt a sense of belonging since I arrived and that has been a great focus. A shared purpose is a great motivator. I think it is actually what gets people out of bed in the morning if truth be told once the bills are looked after and WA gives you that opportunity. So, thank you, it is really great spending time here.

4) Process over options and the shiny new toy.

The shiny new toy does not exist but in our minds, WA and the community has taught me to be steady as she goes and about discipline following the training big time and taking action which I think has spread into the rest of my life. I have a new WA language! I have always been an “options” person but this time I said “no” take it step by step. It works!

3) Finding a niche can often mean finding your voice

On my blog I have written about personal experiences I would never dream of saying previously as a relatively private person. I started writing and it all came out. I actually found it cathartic not something I really planned when I joined WA so a massive by product of just being here. The dream of typing in your innermost thoughts as keywords into Jaaxy and finding out people are searching for those things you want to say or help with totally inspired me.

2) Measuring what gets done

In coaching we often say are you off track or on track and everything from site health to the stats you get gives you an inner tick box of going or not in the right direction. Even those google indexed emails still fill me with a jump and spring in my step even when they never arrive !

1) Site comments

Has opened a whole new world, people have commented on my blog and are challenging, insightful and helpful. I have learned so much from that already. However, no matter how hard it is going through someone else's site that you know nothing about it opens up a whole new world. That of course is the power of a niche blog.

So as I continue my job of preparing the garden at the moment, not building a forest I know I need to dig and nurture first.

What are your byproducts of joining WA? Things you get but did not expect. Thanks for reading!

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JKulk1 Premium
Thanks Phil.

What a wonderful , simple analysis of liife as a Wealthy Affiliate member.

You reminded me that I need to get back into my passion for writing gardening blogs

I haven't gotten back into site comments either since returning to WA. That's another great reminder for me.

All the best. Jim
Thanks Jim, what nice feeback, I really enjoy it here. Thanks for taking time out, all the best, Phil
LatinNomad Premium
Thank you for sharing. Great thoughts and feedback on y9our experience.

Have a terrific day.

Thanks Trevor much appreciated and thanks for reading! Hope all good with you, Phil
Eugene Premium
Great topic Phil, thanks
My pleasure thanks for reading!
LMH1968 Premium
Excellent advice thank you very much for sharing 🤩
My pleasure Lisa, thanks for commenting, hope all good with you!
LMH1968 Premium
You are very welcome my friend. Every thing is all good thank you 😊
AlexEvans Premium
Yip, I have to agree with you Phil, it is the unseen and just that feeling fo confidence that grows and quietens the sounds of challenge that can be the biggest gain.

Much happens that we are unaware of.

There is something empowering about not having to continually reinvent the wheel in order to make lifestyle gains.

Following, can be the hardest yet most rewarding thing to do.

Best wishes as your exploration continues.

Thanks Alex, much and appreciated and spot on, thanks for taking time to comment, Phil