Jaaxy - Think local markets - another way to use the tool

Last Update: July 10, 2020

Another good way to use jaaxy

I know there have been some great training around using Jaaxy as a tool within WA. Of course, I use it mainly to research keywords to build up articles that the audience is searching for in my niche. It's great you get recognized by google some times quickly, sometimes it takes time and of course sometimes not at all.

It's why patience is key. However, its really valuable insight and helps me list keyword content that is being searched for.

However outside WA it has its uses thinking locally and globally.

So during lock down which we are still kind of in here in the UK, myself and a few friends all with radio backgrounds decide to give something back. In order to do this we set up a community radio station and it worked brilliantly.

However now we decide to carry on with it and make it a not for profit radio station. However, what were people of this village in England looking for?

Thanks to Jaaxy I was able to create a template of search terms which helped build our Facebook page and tailor the radio station search terms online.

After implementing it and some good social media we had 23 inquiries from people wanting to support and spend money with the radio station and potential listeners found what they were looking forward to doing post lock down lift restrictions. "What's on" was a massive search term but no-one was supplying it.

A great way to make the most of the value you get at WA, and of course impress your friends!

Research then implement, even locals are looking for you!

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Packerguy Premium
Right on!
Dorrie1 Premium
Great post
Thank-you have a great weekend!
GazBower Premium
Thinking outside the box, well done Phil.
I wish you success in with the new station.

Take care and stay safe.
Thanks Gaz much appreciated, it was an interesting process, have a good one! Phil
LMH1968 Premium
That is a great way to use it.
bothewebguy Premium
trying to figure out how to use "what's on" need to research it being used here. thanks
Thanks it surpised me as a strategy at first but when you drilled down it was the one thing that really jumped out , it is also linked to tourism so a win win. Thanks for taking time to comment.