Feedback is a gift most of the time

Last Update: July 03, 2020

With all the resources at WA I love that fact we can get feedback from both the community and readers of our blog. I have certainly made many changes as a result and sometimes it can be hard to hear however in the art of success I really do believe feedback is key.

If you get feedback that feels like another world, own it after all it is their opinion.

Perception is reality if it's true or not true.

However, feedback is a skill. WE know that if you start with a negative people never remember what comes after it. I remember once on a training course you had to do the following:

Pick one of the participants out to give feedback. Tell them you were going to give feedback but not now. Then 30 minutes later go back and give them a bit of very specific feedback that you really liked about their performance.

Ask them to repeat. They generally could not remember because they were expecting bad feedback.

Repeat the good feedback and ask them to repeat. They remembered!

It was an interesting exercise on the power of feedback and also what people were expecting. The best advice I ever had is feedback has to be :

  • Be Specific
  • The individual has learned something as a result and if that culminates in action well fantastic!
  • The brain cannot process a negative so say what you want them to do. ( Don't think of a red boat leads to a lot of thoughts about red boats!)

Here Is my formula which has proved useful with TV and radio presenters and which has worked over the years.

Give 3 specific things you like about their performance followed by two specific things in your opinion they could work on / improve. It has to be very specific with examples.

Remember the worst feedback is either “it's great” or “its crap”. In the real world this means nothing to anyone except making you feel better or not as the case maybe

Happy feedback time!

Phil :)

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GazBower Premium
I agree criticism is useless unless it is constructive.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
Best wishes mate.
Have a great weekend.
Dorrie1 Premium
Very great post
Thanks Dorrie, much appreciated, Phil
Twack Premium
Great post Phil 😉
Sorry, couldn't help myself. All joking aside, you make some very valid points. If we can get past the 'taking it personally' part, then feedback can be the difference between failure and success.
I think actually giving quality feedback can sometimes be harder than being the recipient.
All the constructive criticism I have had concerning my websites has been 'on the money' and I have acted on the advice and am glad that I did.
That's is really good to know! What specifically was great about my post :)

I agree I think every bit of advice on the website feedback I have had I have then taken something away and actioned it. A great comment , ( and for the better ) thanks Phil
Twack Premium
You're wlecome Phil.
I think both parties have to be quite strong within themselves, both to give and receive. When you said that leaving feedback is a skill, I think that's right at the core of things, I'm not sure everyone can leave constructive criticism, whilst others allow their own personal tastes to stop them from being objective.
I struggle to give it but that's because I wouldn't consider myself 'qualified' or 'experienced' enough, but that's my bag.
TommyHarmony Premium
Hey Phil, really good post, Thanks for sharing. :-)
My pleasure Tommy, thanks for commenting and hope all good with you. Phil
Paulie0923 Premium
Hi Phil, excellent guidance here! By any chance are you involved with ITV or BBC in Media City? Paul
Hi Paul yes that is correct although also worked across the North and in London as well. Will have paths have crossed in any way? Thanks for commenting. Phil