An Iceberg and Learning at WA

Last Update: August 05, 2020

What has an iceberg got to do with learning at Wealthy Affiliate?

It's one of my favorite metaphors. Think of an iceberg as above and below the water. The top half is your conscious thinking, you are totally aware of it and think about everything to do in detail sometimes!

Yet under the water your unconscious works away at every thought, your lungs your heart rate and your temperature. Guess what you could not think consciously about it all at once. It would drive you insane.

So how does the conscious mind and your unconscious mind deal with learning to ride a bike when you were a kid and what could this mean for wealthy affiliate?

Simple in everything we learn there are four stages. So this is how it works in simple terms and guess what is it the same as your learning at WA.

Unconscious Incompetence.

So you don’t know you can't ride a bike and frankly you do not care. Guess what it's just not on your radar. Then for whatever reason you decide to learn how to do it.

Conscious Incompetence

It's hard when you realize you don’t know how to ride a bike and you clock your mistakes and your "urges" to give up. Many opt out at this point. However, for those that keep going this is a learning process as new neurons in the brain are being created.

Conscious Competence

Now you are aware your learning is working, you are achieving small wins and you know how to ride a bike. You feel a bit more confident and say to yourself "I can do this!" Your new connections in your brain at firing faster that ever. You are building a habit. This is about to go below the water in our iceberg metaphor.

Unconscious Competence.

By this time the subconscious mind is in charge and running the show, you don’t have to think consciously about riding your bike! To others, it may appear seamless but they also did not see you fall off many times!

This is exactly the same learning process at wealthy affiliate, your brain is working perfectly.

Just know you have to go through exactly the same steps and hand it over to your unconscious mind. That’s called being "in the flow".

The journey goes quicker if it's fun. Good luck, Phil

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Johnpavich Premium
Very interesting, what about the fact that some people are better suited for certain things than others. Desire is a big factor and the 80 - 20 rule, 80 % of the people don't get it as easy as the other 20 % and less than 5 % make really big money cause they really get it.
I was in sales for more than 30 yrs and managed a few offices one as many as 70 salespeople and I saw many good salespeople young and old most were aggressive but a few were not and some had a list of rich clients handed to them and didn't know much but had contacts, surprisingly quite a few.
All in all there was a catch to why they were good but the one's that impressed me the most were the one's that started with nothing and made it just from sheer determination.
Also a lot of good salespeople came from family's that had made it and they had an inborn desire to also make it.
Life can be very complicated .
There gave been studies done on this.
What do you think? Just do it?
I think that is tight John, and we have inate talents I agree.

However the 80/20 rule would say work on those and delegate what you are not so good at. So do an audit of your strenghts and really work on those.

At WA there is a wealth of talent in all areas so that is never a problem. Some people are very good with content and some with technical.

However we know the brain can adapt and change depending on what we put into it and over time it learns. If you think of those successful families it was belief system in belief system out. Input /output.

The interesting thing here I think is about taking action which anyone can do. So 80% of action comes from the 20% of the people. Which is why some people give up and don't do the training .

So yes I think just do it. As they say half the battle is just showing up. 80 per cent of the success at WA, is creating helpful content , a niche and low competetion key words that cuts through.

Great thoughts.

Johnpavich Premium
Great thx Phil😎👌
Louise48 Premium
All true:-) The things that are the worst for me are things that most people take for granted because they did computer studies at school or were brought up around computers. I totally wasn't and some really basic things totally floor me sometimes. It's that gap between then and now. Social media for example is easy as pie as I have been ''brought up'' with it. When I got the 'Wordpress 5.5 update is available'' on the back office of my site I groaned outwardly when reading all the warnings about backing stuff up(database and site articles) as learning all that will take me a day.
Not giving up tho'.
Thanks Louise, I really appreciating you commenting.

I guess the thing to remember is that the brain deals with new things the same , its exactly the same process. Its good to challenge our limiting beliefs and at WA its hard to break anything to be honest. I am not that technical at all I am more content and ideas but there are some amazing members here who will jump through hoops to help you on the technical side.

Do shout if I can help, Phil
DianeK59 Premium
I really like that metaphor, Phil. Thanks for sharing! It makes sense to think of it that way. I'm "in the flow" now!
That's great Diane much appreciated , its simple but it works I think. Enjoy the flow!
Eugene Premium
Good stuff Phil
Thank you!
Paulie0923 Premium
Excellent post Phil on how to "accentuate the positives and eliminate the negatives"! Paul
Thanks Paul, much appreciated and yes I guess it it the process the brain goes through, there is really no other way!