A journey begins with a few steps.

Last Update: May 26, 2020

So I reached a milestone on a wealthy affiliate journey and I’m quite proud of myself. I was looking for a format I could easily follow but stretch me and this has proved really quickly this it is just what I needed. I love the fact this is all ambitious and realistic at the same time, always a balance.

My Journey So Far

The step by step modules seem to have clicked into place and those tasks you have to tick at the end which I was rather dreading have come as a sense achievement. I don’t really like the phrase “tick the box” but when I do I get that sense of warmth all over my body and that internal voice staying go on you can do it. The other one saying “I can’t” seems to have gone quiet of late.

I’ve done the first two levels of training with the ability to set up my web pages with ease, content creation and knowing keywords are key to my learning and financial fulfillment. I find the community really engaging and no longer worry about asking for feedback, help or comments as we are all on the same journey and it shows albeit we are at different stages along the route. It also helps people's own personal views don’t get in the way of running the business.

Finding Your Voice

This was crucial for me and having previously worked running a team of impartial content makers was a bit of a challenge. I realized early on that speaking on something you're passionate about can really help the creative process in Wealthy Affiliate and their training. It was like a real sense of tension had been taken of my shoulders and the feedback has been that the readers like it. I even had the threat of a legal challenge of my idea which I actually took as a compliment and was sorted within a day. New branding and domain and thanks to support all my content transferred across. If they are bothered about me this early on I must be doing something right although my approach in business is partnerships and working together as I think you get more done that way.

My first niche is about zero alcohol drinks for people who can’t, don’t or chose not to drink alcohol. After I was admitted to hospital a year ago with stomach and liver complications as part of an illness I suddenly developed a new attitude as my life was turned on its head. I was otherwise extremely fit and healthy. When I was back on my feet I realized how much bias there was towards people who don’t drink in bars and restaurants, I found it discriminatory shocking and the choice limited. I was certain I did not need any more discrimination in my life! In one bar I ordered an alcohol free 0.0 beer only to be told “what is the point” by the bartender! And thanks to Wealthy Affiliate and their training I feel I can tell that story. The power of a niche is incredible and by appealing to everyone you appeal to no-one.

Follow the Process

It's early days for me but if I had any advice really follow the process.

You can be creative with your writing but the training is tried and tested so why not run with it? I’m keeping my creativity for writing and content ideas as I have got the process to follow and I don’t need another one. The engagement with other members is also key as it lifts you and creates the sense of community you want to be part of. I like that!

Goals moving forward - Create then React

My goals moving forward are really clear. Firstly “create” in the morning then “react” in the afternoon. My content flows in the morning but not in the afternoon so I am doing the important not urgent stuff first thing then in the afternoon I can do the reactions to comments and say hello to new members, admin etc.

I want to move on with the training and get the next two levels done and explore the ambassador route as well. First and foremost my goal is to create content, drive traffic and then when the time is right, monetize. This is what I am learning and with the support of the team here it feels spot on otherwise I’ll just get a different result and say it doesn’t work when clearly it does! I find the site health tab really useful, so two areas I need to work on are asking for site feedback and publishing more content so that’s me sorted for the next three-months along with the training.

So I’m motivated and staying

For me passion and motivation comes first and if I have that “wobble” I know that means I’m moving toward my goal, it is simply my “fight” or “flight” kicking that we were born with and goes back millions of years. I’m working perfectly. After all at one time I could not ride a bike and when I was learning to walk as a child I never just said " you know what this walking business is not for me!"

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Keep on moving
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You're moving right along, Philip! Well done!

Thankyou I'm really enjoying it .. thanks for your support
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You're welcome, Philip! i'm glad you are enjoying it, my friend!

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Keep moving forward one step at a time
Great post
Thanks LIsa, much appreciated!
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Well said Phil
Fight and flight alright and the secret is to keep pushing through those moments as you say
Keep on growing
Thanks Vicki! Much appreciated.