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Media Law may seem scary but its boils down to 5 things really - common sense being the global one!Defamation• You have written something that literally ‘defames’ someone• It harms someone’s reputation• Libel is specific and refers to something “defamatory” which is written ( it applies to broadcast as well )• Slander is something you say defamatory so it's “said”The Definition of Defamation• You are exposing hatred / contempt
What has an iceberg got to do with learning at Wealthy Affiliate?It's one of my favorite metaphors. Think of an iceberg as above and below the water. The top half is your conscious thinking, you are totally aware of it and think about everything to do in detail sometimes!Yet under the water your unconscious works away at every thought, your lungs your heart rate and your temperature. Guess what you could not think consciously about it all at once. It would drive you insane.So how does the consc
Two months in from the creation of my blog and time to reflectSo this has been an awesome journey so far and I am having a great time and most importantly learning lots. In total 55 posts and 259 comments which surprised me as I did not see that coming for my little niche site.Rather than list my achievements in one paragraph and struggle :) I thought it would be useful to list 5 “byproducts” that have come out of being part of WA. So the things I have got but did not expect.5) You
Another good way to use jaaxyI know there have been some great training around using Jaaxy as a tool within WA. Of course, I use it mainly to research keywords to build up articles that the audience is searching for in my niche. It's great you get recognized by google some times quickly, sometimes it takes time and of course sometimes not at all. It's why patience is key. However, its really valuable insight and helps me list keyword content that is being searched for.However outside WA it has
With all the resources at WA I love that fact we can get feedback from both the community and readers of our blog. I have certainly made many changes as a result and sometimes it can be hard to hear however in the art of success I really do believe feedback is key.If you get feedback that feels like another world, own it after all it is their opinion. Perception is reality if it's true or not true.However, feedback is a skill. WE know that if you start with a negative people never remember what
As a coach over the years there are many coaching models out there, some basic and some not. I always like simple and generally used them in the past but it got me thinking. How can it help us find our niche? So I had to go and see if it worked. So S.C.O.R.E stands for SymptomsThese are things that you notice around you, what are people are complaining about. They may want to achieve something but can’t. It may be a product they can’t find, cat hair everywhere or trying to find an a
The Landing and The MovieI once saw a movie where some post-war adventurers landed their boat on a desert island. The sea was calm and it was going well, however as they pulled their rather lacklustre dinghy up onto the golden white sand bullets started to come firing at them in all directions. The noise was as loud as it was sudden.It turned out that despite the war being over the bullets were being fired by a sniper / army corporal who had been based there in the war. It was slightly bizarre
The radio station market in the UK has been lagging behind in its love of a niche offering. Just as we are discovering in the digital online content our information can get lost. Yet we are afraid to pick a niche just in case we lose a reader, a customer or sale. Yet the ones that are losing are the people with no niche, the time of being everything to everyone has gone. It's like the sun shining everywhere verses a laser beam which provides focus. If you walk to a networking meeting and say yo
So I reached a milestone on a wealthy affiliate journey and I’m quite proud of myself. I was looking for a format I could easily follow but stretch me and this has proved really quickly this it is just what I needed. I love the fact this is all ambitious and realistic at the same time, always a balance. My Journey So FarThe step by step modules seem to have clicked into place and those tasks you have to tick at the end which I was rather dreading have come as a sense achievement. I don&rs
So I've really realised I'm quite "options" focussed looking at lots of different ways of doing things. If I bought some flatpack furniture I would not look at the instructions but find by own way. ( and fail ) I decided to fight my "procedure" avoidence and followed the steps each bit of the way. It works. The training helps with set goals and is easy to follow. Having said that the warm support I received when joining played a real part. Getting my first google indexed email on joining the si