New Year Detox

Last Update: December 09, 2018

I've just published my 4th book on the Amazon platform. It's aimed at what is the usually fairly large market of people who are regretting how much they've eaten and drunk over the Xmas/New Year period and are looking to start the new year with a cleansing detox.

I've published under the name of a friend who's been through this and has helped with the creation of the book. I felt her name and story would be more appealing to prospective buyers than mine!

And, though I'm sure JK Rowling isn't looking over her shoulder just yet, the first book I published on Amazon sold 30 copies in the last five days, so I do feel I'm getting some traction.

As I said in a previous post, I'm more than happy to help anyone who wants to pursue this avenue. Maybe I'll even create a training course.

I've just started the WA training. So far, it seems to be all about affiliate marketing. (I guess the A in WA gives that away, doesn't it?)

The thought I had is to create an affiliate site around health and fitness but give away one or more of my Amazon published books in this niche as downloadable PDFs to collect the customer's email address on their way to the supplier's site to hopefully make their purchase. That way, I have their contact details for subsequent follow-up, but am giving them real value (a book that's sold for real money on Amazon) in exchange.

What do you think?

NEXT POST (was going to be this post, but hey, you gotta be flexible, right?): I solve the So Funky Cool quality issues by opening a new Shopify site with US based suppliers and 2 day delivery. But it fails too. Let's find out why and how I can fix it.

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Thanks for sharing - and still waiting on that blog about Shopify
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Can only post 1 a day, I think.