New Post Indexed by Google in 2 Hours!

Last Update: Jul 20, 2022

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New Post Indexed by Google in 2 Hours!

A little while ago, I posted about a neglected golf site that I was going to refresh.

By re-dating the blog posts, resubmitting to GSC, dumping the e-commerce store and refocusing on Amazon Associates.

You can read the original post at:

I said that I'd follow up with results.

Well, all the old posts have been indexed and yesterday I got my first Amazon affiliate sale, for a golf rangefinder, so we seem to be on the right track.

But Google simply refused to index my latest post, also for golf rangefinders, but looking at budget models that represented good value.

I did a number of things but none of them worked, so I decided to implement my own training, as outlined in:

So, a couple of minor changes to the text, a minor change to the title, reflected in the slug (permalink) and resubmitted to GSC.

I checked it again a couple of hours later, not really expecting anything, but there it was:

Indexed by Google in (less than) a couple of hours, with both breadcrumbs and mobile-friendly ticked.

Just thought you might like to know how it was going.

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Good news, all the best to you, I'm still in bed this morning, I check your link soon.
Thank you

You're welcome, Johannes.

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing that.

My pleasure, Jim. I hope it was useful.

Phil, good going!
Well done!

Thank you, Simone.

You're welcome

Nice job

Thanks, Matt.

Great job, Phil!

Keep it up!


Thanks, Myra.

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