Kangaroos and Granddaughters

Last Update: Aug 5, 2022

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Granddaughter and Kangaroo

I've been very fortunate to have family visiting me this week.

My eldest son, daughter-in-law and two of my granddaughters visited from the UK Monday and my youngest son joined us from Bali on Tuesday.

We spent Wednesday afternoon at Australia Zoo, the wildlife conservation park established by Steve and Terri Irwin. It covers 700 acres and is about an hour's drive from where I live.

If you're interested, Wikipedia has a lot more information at

Australia Zoo - Wikipedia

Steve Irwin met an untimely death in 2006, when he was accidentally killed by a stingray barb to the heart while filming an ocean-life documentary on the Great Barrier Reef.

The face of the Zoo is now largely his 18yo son Robert, though his widow Terri is still very much involved. Along with his daughter Bindi Irwin, who now has her own daughter Grace Warrior.Irwin Powell with her American born husband.

Australia Zoo is part of a worldwide conservation effort that includes white rhinos, Sumatran tigers, red pandas and many others.

But as you can see from the photo above, it was our native marsupials, particularly the kangaroos and koalas, that my granddaughters were in love with.

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It is nice to be able to visit with the grandchildren, or in my case it would be great granddaughters. But to have the whole family had to be special Philip.

It is also awesome to hear you live in Australia. It is one thing to hear that WA is a global gathering of people, but I have not been privileged enough, to know where everyone is from, yet. I have met some people from the Uk, France, and now Australia, all in one week.

The others commented on my blog and was explaining how their countries did not have the same trouble with gunshot wounds as the USA.

It was a sad day when we loss Steve Irwin. I am happy that his wife and children have carried on the tradition. They are doing awesome work. They did not let Steve's work stop with his passing.

I was wondering if you have ever heard of Australian Native T-Shirts. If so give me a PM. If not do not worry about it.

Thanks for the extensive comment, Tom. Though it wasn't the whole family. I have another son, daughter, grandson and granddaughter. Hoping/planning to have everyone together for Christmas in Melbourne.

There are no gun shops in Australia. It's as simple as that. There's simply nowhere a disturbed individual can buy a handgun or something like an AR-15 and shoot up a school. And if you've got a road rage incident, no one has to be worried about a gun being produced to settle the matter!

Sorry, but I'm not personally aware of Australian Native T-Shirts.

That is awesome news Philip. My wish is that you have the whole family for Christmas.

We're looking forward to it, Tom.

I know about the Australian zoo, it is one of the most famous in the world, I watched some episodes on TV, of course also about the deceased Mr. Irwin. Speaking of Australia, can you tell me the condition of the great coral reef, I know that it is being protected, but despite the efforts made, is climate change affecting it.

There's always controversy about the Great Barrier Reef. The natural predations are coral bleaching (climate change, anyone?) and the crown of thorns starfish and the man-made ones are run-off from inland mining operations.

There are billions of dollars being poured into its preservation so we are all hopeful. I scuba dived it some years ago and it was magical. Tropical fish everywhere, colorful coral and 100m visibility.

How lovely for you, Phil, to have your family visit from afar! Such lovely photos of your granddaughters enjoying the Kangaroos.

I have visited Australia a few times and been to the Zoo, but have never been so close to a Kangaroo.

Steve Irwin's sudden death was horrifying as he was so very popular, even in New Zealand. It is interesting to read about how Steve's family has moved on. And Bindi, now a mother. Wonderful!


Thanks so much for your comments, Val. As a grandad myself, I feel really sad that Steve never had the pleasure of knowing his granddaughter. What a great name - Grace Warrior.

Yes, Phil it is very sad. Grandchildren are so special. Grace Warrior is a wonderful name.

I love seeing the way stuff (attitudes, beliefs, skepticism etc.)has been handed down to my grandchildren. Hopefully, the greats- next.

I am so happy to hear that you had a family reunion. Family is the most important thing in everyone's life, even in animals. I guess you are bursting with positive energy and it'll keep you going till the next visit.

I loved the documentaries by Steve Irwin. They are interesting, educational and entertaining. My kids love them, too. We even named one of our dogs after his daughter Bindi. It's a nice name, it represents the dot on the forehead, usually worn by Indian women.

Thank you for this reminder post.


What a lovely response, Nevena. Thank you. A dog named Bindi, how nice.

Nice to see friendly roos. Most people I know from Australia say they are not that friendly a beast.


The ones in the wild are best to avoid the ones at the zoo most of them have been raised at the zoo and use to people so will be friendlier but you still need to keep your eye open along with how you interact with them.

Well, they're not domesticated like a cat or a dog, so they don't go looking for petting. But they don't object to it either, especially these ones, who've typically been hand reared from joeys, perhaps after their mother met with an accident. Their fur is soft and strokable.

Yes, you don't try to pet a 6' tall big red in the bush.

Definitely just like Roger the Can Crusher

It's incredible that you can get that muscular just from nibbling on grass! Great pic. Thanks for sharing it.

You are welcome Phil perhaps we should start nibbling on grass and only exercise with cans.
maybe that's the secret to that build. Hahaha

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