Forget About the Snakes and Spiders

Last Update: Sep 28, 2022

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Forget About the Snakes and Spiders

Australia is home to the most venomous snake in the world, the Inland Taipan and the second most dangerous spider, the Sydney Funnel Web.

We have saltwater crocodiles measuring up to 20 feet and weighing over a ton. They would eat a Louisiana alligator for breakfast. There's an 18 foot saltie in captivity that's around 110 years old!

And, of course. nothing lives up to the killing power of our box jellyfish (also called Irukandji, but we just call them stingers) literally the world's most venomous creature. Its venom is 100 times more potent than a cobra's and 1,000 times more potent than a tarantula's.

But you know what, I'm not worried about any of them.

Nope, my concern right now is... angry birds.

Our Spring starts in September and the months of September and October are prime time for us cyclists to be swooped by magpies and noisy miners (both native to Australia, with the Aussie magpie closely related to the native butcher bird but not to the American and European magpies).

Noisy Miner

I don't blame them. They're just protecting their babies and cyclist riding by the nest must look like a definite predator, to be hurried along its way as quickly as possible.

Of course, from the cyclist's point of view, there you are, pedaling along happily, not a care in the world, when suddenly without warning, what feels like a hurled brick hits you in the side of the helmet. And then again and again until you're out of range.

Sure makes you more nervous for the rest of the ride!

I think I'm gonna spend more of October indoors, working on my WA websites.

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Recent Comments


A very interesting read Phil... I knew that some of the world's most dangerous animals could be found down under....

But I wasn't expecting a bird to come on top of list!!!

Take care out and about my friend!!


First, I didn't know you lived Down Under. I might have forgotten though, which is a classic symptom of ADHD,

Second, I had no idea you had so many lethal species down under, not to mention angry birds! Let's hope they don't watch Hitchcock's : "The Birds", or you'd really be in trouble.! Made me smile though. That spider looks pretty scary! :)

It's the ones you actually interact with that you notice, Nick.

Definitely an Aussie, Katherine.

The Sydney funnel-web is an unusual spider in two ways. First, it's aggressive, where most spiders are timid and second, it's the male that's bigger and more deadly, rather than the female. Fortunately, it has a limited habitat and is virtually unknown outside Sydney.

That's interesting, Phil. Not found outside of Sydney, huh. Wow! A very unusual species of spider. My lesson for today! Thanks!

Yes, it's unusual to have such a restricted habitat.

I'm sure that they are Phil!

Much more common are the Redback (related to the American Black Widow) Huntsman and Golden Orb spiders.

Hi Phil,
Thanks for sharing an informative package of warnings.

Nice meeting you

Wish you great success in all things.

Bill & Sue

Thanks, Bill and Sue. Most of our wildlife, like kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, echidnas and wombats are harmless.

Such a great blog post, Phil, as it was a fascinating read. You're right... got to 👀 watch out for some angry birds. 🕊️


We've stolen a lot of their habitat. They have every right to be angry.

True. They do have a right to take back of what's their own.


Yes. Fortunately, it's something we've become a lot more aware of in recent years.

What a great post, Phil. You have the most beautiful country and some of the most deadly creatures. It’s quite the juxtaposition. Be careful cycling out there. Thanks for sharing a slice of your life.


My pleasure, Susan. Thanks for your input.

Hi, Phil

I love this post!

It’s like the real-life version of Angry Birds.

The worse spider bite I have ever treated here in the USA was from the Brown Recluse, not a fatal biter, but luckily not indigenous to Rhode Island.

We also don’t have any poisonous snakes.

I like non-poisonous snakes and had many little ones as a child. There’s nothing better to terrorize your little sister!

Do you watch the Australian YouTuber “Dingo?” He has an Inland and a Papuan Taipan (Papua, New Ginea) in captivity.

He loves Green and Black Mambas. They’re actually grey but the inside of their mouth is black and it’s likely the last thing you’ll ever see if you get bitten.

Cobras (all types) are very intelligent snakes.

The History Channel has a show called “Swamp People.” The alligators in Louisiana don’t get much larger than 12 or 13 feet and are minimally aggressive if left alone.

I had a patient from Australia that said she used to go to the beach and sometimes they would be visited by giant crocodiles. Can this possibly be true?

You didn’t mention the giant Great Whites and other man-eating sharks that frequent your waters. I never miss an episode of Shark Week.

Our cable bill is enormous! 😊

Maybe you should write a weekly WA blog on interesting Australian animals and plants.


Thanks, Frank and I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

I didn't mention the sharks as really anywhere in the world that has beaches can experience interactions between humans and sharks. Sharks can be long-distance travelers.

In the Northern Territory and Far North Queensland (FnQ) crocodiles have been known to swim out to the ocean and surf in.

Yes, I find snakes interesting and rather like spiders too.

Smart move Phil!!

Thanks, Joe. I'll probably spread my time as usual.

So, September-October is your Spring Season, so what comes after Spring? Is it not Summer? Or is it different in order in that side of the globe?
I am terrified of spiders and snakes, more so if what’s in your blog!
Don’t spiders land on cyclists as they cycle in their territory? Do cyclists have emergency medicine for spider bites?
Very interesting blog! Thank you for sharing Phil!

The seasons are reversed in the Southern Hemisphere. So we have:
Spring: Sep to Nov
Summer: Dec to Feb
Autumn: Mar to May
Winter: Jun to Aug
No, spiders don't land on cyclists, we don't carry medicine and you might see the occasional snake if you go hiking in the bush during summer. Normally hurrying away from you.

Interesting to note December to February as Summer in your area! Those are the coldest month in the Philippines! Although, Philippines has only 2 seasons, rainy and summer

Thanks, Maria. It just depends what side of the Equator you are and how close to it.
One of the hardest things for Europeans and Americans to get used to in Australia is a mid-summer hot Christmas.

That is really crazy! Summer in December! 😂

True for half the world, though.

Lucky you!! At least you can be "confined" by nature and you are made to spend much of the time beefing up the contents of your websites. For us, at the equator, it is sunny all year round of course rains come and we do some gardening. Have a nice day, Phil.

Thanks, Joseph. I'll probably continue to mix riding and indoor work.

That is good for blood flow and productivity.


Wow, Phil! Some excellent writing here, my friend!

"Malicious Magpies & Miners Make Moped Mayhem"



You remain the alliteration king, Jeff.

Thanks, Phil! I couldn't help myself! It was like an Alfred Hitchcock Austrailian version of "The Birds"! Be careful out there, my friend!


We just like scaring our overseas friends, Jeff.

🤣🤣 You do a GREAT job of it, Phil!


Mission accomplished then. It's like when visitors ask me if there are any sharks in our river and I say "Of course not."

"They're too scared of the crocodiles."


Can certainly relate to the Magpies Phil we both know they are protective pity it has to be so close to us and not in the bushes far away.

Even going for a walk around their areas is not always fun.

I have a school behind me with heaps of Eucalyptus trees and they keep coming near me fortunately they leave me alone as I keep my distance away from the trees where I can.

People not in Australia really don't know how dangerous they can be especially for young kids riding their bikes either for fun or on their way to school and back.

I'm just so glad they go for the bike helmet rather than a more vulnerable area.

That is true too might as well kick a soccerball instead the pain would be the same nothing worse than being pecked out LOL

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