Come Back Amazon, All Is Forgiven

Last Update: Jul 6, 2022

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Come Back Amazon, All Is Forgiven

Well, maybe. I'm not really sure. We'll see.

You see, a little while ago I posted how I was dumping Amazon affiliate marketing.

In that post, I referred to an e-commerce site that was getting direct orders but also had an Amazon section that was just making the whole thing over-complicated, so I removed it.

This one is sort of the reverse.

But let me backtrack a bit.

On one of my MMO sites, I'm in the process of building "The Most Authoritative Article in Your Niche" (thanks, Partha) and in my PAA (People Also Ask) research, came up with the question "What is the most profitable affiliate niche".

Well, what the research came up with was (drum roll) Golf!

Hmm... how about that?

Happens that I have a golf site with a great domain name, but totally neglected.

It's a pretty site but when I had a look at it, the last blog post was 2 years ago!

How embarrassing.

Like the other site, it was over complicated with both an e-commerce shop (using AliExpress) and Amazon affiliate links.

Lots of them from clubs to clothing.

Did you know that you can pay over $500 for a top of the line driver and thousands for a full club set? Even Amazon's pitiful commission rates don't look too bad when applied to those sorts of prices.

AND... there are direct US based golf suppliers with their own affiliate programs with generous (well, compared to Amazon) commission rates

AND... there can be both supply chain and product quality issues coming out of AliExpress (and the golf market is much more concerned about quality and delivery than it is about price)

SO... I'm doing the reverse of what I did with the other site and in this case dumping the e-commerce shop and going through all the Amazon affiliate links to bring them up to date and fix the ones that are pointing to products that no longer exist or have been replaced with a newer model (with a different link, of course).

I think that's gonna take me another week.

At least.

Then I've gotta get some traffic. (All but 2 of the existing blog posts are indexed and ranked, but well down, so need some smart work; it's a competitive niche).

If I can make some Amazon sales, I'll apply to a couple of the vendors with affiliate programs. Their commission rates are 2 or 3 times Amazon's and their cookie duration is MUCH longer.

Looking forward to it. We'll see how it goes.


As I said above, all but 2 of the existing posts were indexed, so I submitted those two to GSC.

But two days later, still no sign of them.

Another 24 hours and still nothing but crickets.

So I applied the principles from and both are now indexed (with new URLs). One was indexed within 24 hours and the other in less than 4!

Recent Comments


Hi, Phill

Sounds fantastic! I already knew there is big money in golf. My family spends huge amounts of cash on golfing equipment and clothing.

They’re constantly upgrading to the “latest and greatest” of everything.

They make fun of me because I’m virtually the only one that doesn’t golf and I’m the “Doctor” in the family.

It’s an American joke that I never hear the end of! 😊


Yes, the doctor who can only be contacted on the golf course is a trope, isn't it?

Lol 😎

Check the update I've just added to the end of this post.

I’ve pondered the “golf niche” as well.

I live in Minneapolis Minnesota, and very close to a TopGolf. I am amazed at the number of people that line up to swing the clubs at those balls almost every single day.

Golf is a Global market.

There is plenty of opportunity.

I believe so, Brad. The challenge will be to get traffic, because it's highly competitive.

I’m using Direct Mail Postcards to demographic and geographic selected lists.

Something I should probably look into, Brad.

Check the update I've just added to the end of this post.

Sounds like a great plan :-)

Im hopeful that I can make the site valuable enough to flip.

Check the update I've just added to the end of this post.

Awesome Phil :-)

Thanks, Lisa. All posts on this site are now indexed.

Hope this all go according to your plan, Phil ;)
It's worth a shot

I hope so too, Simone, but we'll see.

We will see ;)

Check the update I've just added to the end of this post.

I've had that experience where I had to also change my URL to have it indexed.

Yes, Google just seems to get stuck on "I ain't going to index this one" so changing the url means it's a different one. I also take the opportunity to change it to a long tail keyword and update the post itself. Like I said, the indexing of the new ones was almost immediate.

Different tricks to outdo Google lol

The "trick" with Google is to give it what it wants.

Absolutely :)

Sounds good

I'll keep plugging away and we'll see.

Check the update I've just added to the end of this post.

Thanks Phil, just read it that’s awesome and a good tip

It means that all of the blog posts on that site are indexed and new ones are being indexed within hours.

Wow so I will definitely check it out thanks

Mightn't work for all situations, but worth a look.

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