Coffee and WA: A Natural Combination

Last Update: April 02, 2019

I was accepted as an Amazon affiliate months ago, but have never put an Amazon affiliate link on any of my websites.

Lets face it. The commission rate is pretty poor and the cookie life is awfully short term.

But... a heck of a lot of people buy from Amazon. Their trust factor is huge.

WA and Coffee

Which brings me to WA and coffee.

A natural combination that has become my early morning ritual.

As I'm in Australia, I get most of my North America emails overnight.

So my morning ritual has become:

  1. Wake up. Get up.
  2. Boot the computer.
  3. Make a mug of tea and drink it while the computer starts.
  4. Make a mug of coffee from my capsule machine and drink it while processing emails.
  5. Depending on the number of emails, repeat up to 5 more times.

So that's up to 6 morning coffees, though more often 3 or 4.

It's a Lot of Coffee

Still, it's a lot of coffee. I should really invest in a better machine.

So I do what a lot of other people do. Check out Amazon.

Hmm... not counting drip filter machines, a price range from $119 to $1,999 on the first page.

4.5% of $1,999 = $89.95

I guess even a low percentage on high ticket items could be worthwhile.

And I have an unused coffee oriented domain name.

What do others think? Anyone with experience of high ticket Amazon items? Should I give it a go?

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ECV82 Premium Plus

You'll never know until you try.

phil1944 Premium
So right!
Pauline19 Premium
Hi Phil,
I like your post. I wish I have more time to do this training the right way that I want to, I am trying still. Never the less my job takes priority for now.
I am 5 weeks old here so I am trying to get to the stage of links and the works. You encourage me to pursue.
You have inspired me. I will continue to follow you.
phil1944 Premium
I'm privileged to have you follow me, Pauline. Having a full time job makes it difficult but just keep on doing something every day and you'll get there.
LisaBrack Premium
Hang in there Pauline, you'll get there, it's early days. 5wks old is nothing, you're still a newbie. Remember it's a journey not a sprint. Relax - breathe - enjoy. :-)
phil1944 Premium
Great advice from Lisa.
Pauline19 Premium
Thanks for the advice Phil.
Pauline19 Premium
Thanks LisaBrack. I will remember that, breathe and enjoy. But I don't know to relax! Lol.
Motly20 Premium
Give it a Go Phil. You never know until you try. Let me know how it goes?
phil1944 Premium
Thanks for the encouragement, Matthew. I will.
TommyVTE Premium
Hi Phil, I would go for it if I hear in my surroundings how many people buy from Amazon it should bring in money
Have a great day

phil1944 Premium
Yes, it's a massive platform.
Robg1 Premium
Indeed. The other great thing about Amazon is that when you send people there through one of your links they often end up buying something else anyway. I would say 90% of my Amazon sales are products that I'm not recommending or reviewing.
phil1944 Premium
That's a good thought, Rob.
APachowko1 Premium
Hi Phil
The proof of the pudding is in its eating.
If you don't try, you don't know.
phil1944 Premium
I'm definitely encouraged, Antonio.