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Last Update: Sep 21, 2022

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About 3 weeks ago, I told you about a skyscraper article I'd written in the MMO niche.

Since then it's been pretty much nailed to Google page 1, position 4 or 5.

Which is great, right?

Except that for the last 3 days, it's slipped.

And is now towards the end of page 3. Which is more or less invisible.

So I'm going to do e things:

  1. Add more paragraphs based on "What People Ask"
  2. Request more comments from WA members
  3. Use software I have to post articles across the web with backlinks to the post.

I'll let you know what works.

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Recent Comments


Hey Phil,

Just be aware that a Google CORE Update started last Monday (12th September 2022 - will go until 26th September), plus we also had the "Helpful Content" Update from 25th August to 9th September, and now we have a Product Review Update started yesterday.

Basically, will all these algorithmic updates going on you are MUCH more likely to see fluctuations in rankings.

Plus, it's pretty weird to have so many ANNOUNCED Google updates in such a short space of time, don't you think?

(As I've said for many, many months now, and as Jay mentioned in Live Chat last night, perhaps this is Google's way of clamping down on AI content, but in the meantime, some of us "legitimate" bloggers may still suffer)

As with ALL Google updates you typically have to ride them out, and even wait a good 4-6 weeks after the updates have ended to see a true reflection of your rankings.

Obviously, doing things to make your article more "helpful" and "visitor friendly" can do no harm.

But, as I say, the fluctuations you experience during Google updates may not be a true reflection of your rankings.


Thanks, Partha. Your insights are welcome as always.

The other factor, of course, is that your competition on page 1 isn't standing still either. If they were, they wouldn't be on page 1.

Hi, Partha

I can easily believe that Google is clamping down on AI-generated content, but consider this:

AI content writers aren't very impressive now, but they aren't going away, and they will only continue to improve.

Imagine what would happen if we (humans) had access to all the top informational ontologies of the world in all languages and used every bit of relevant data to create our content.

The way I see it, at some point (admittedly not soon), all the best content will be generated using AI, leaving entities like Google with just a few options:

1. Don't index and rank any of it and stick with human-generated content
2. Use a mix of user and AI-generated content
3. Create their own AI-generated content and put it all on page one

Which option do you think they'll choose?

The "AI naysayers" back in 1903 would have probably said that air travel would never happen because the Wright brothers first powered flight only took them about 10 feet off the ground for a distance of 120 feet at a flight speed of 6.8 miles/hour.

All these years later, we are making plans for humans to travel to Mars.

Keep on Rockin' 🤘
Frank 🎸

When do we get to Space Travel lol? I have a project for that on the back burner.

I agree with you on the AI thing. However, Google has to come up with fair play for everyone but NOT punish human content. As far as I am concerned, no AI can ever replace humans, no matter how sophisticated it may become.

Appreciate Partha's and your comment tho on Phil's blog post here.

Hi, Abie

It is a little scary.

As we continue to map more and more of the electrophysiology of the human brain and model that using neuro-networks, it could get more interesting very quickly.

I recently read a paper out of Australia that uses a novel approach to looking at the advantages of mapping brain "bilateralism" with machine learning and artificial intelligence for deep learning.

Check it out:


Thank you for the resource, Frank! I will vacate time and let you know my thoughts on the subject. But I can tell it is fascinating already.

I knew you would like it and there’s a lot more where that came from! 😎

Food for thought, Frank.

I absolutely hope you're right, Abie.

Thanks for the link, Frank. It's a brave new world. But such contrasts, with some parts working on AI and others where children die in uncontrollable floods and a young woman dies after being arrested for not wearing her head covering properly!

Thanks, Phil.

Things are changing quickly. It’ll certainly be interesting! 😊

do you check in search console what keywords it is being tested google will constantly test for different queries to see the reaction...
google will constantly test for a few months and slowly settle after 40 weeks or so

Yes, you have to check GSC regularly.

Oh, I didn’t realize that we can request our friends from WA to do comments on our posted articles, to add traffic to your blog. So that’s how we can wiggle a blog that’s slipping from a premium page.
Thank you Phil for sharing this thought!
Have a great day!

Getting good comments on your article increases its length and relevance.

Exactly! Which is what we all need.

As much as we can get, as long as the quality is there.

Absolutely Phil!

Internal links work well too for that!

Yeah, each relevant article on this site is already linking to it.

Great, good luck to you!

Thanks, Joe. I'll change one thing at a time and check out the effects.

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