Progress after 10 months at WA

Last Update: May 09, 2019

Most, if not all are trying to make money online. Joining Wealthy Affiliate (WA), this is the first thing we learn. We also learn other ways in how to make money online. From there and once finished the training, a lot of doors open - at least, this is what I had found in my time here at WA.

I have noted that there are a few people who work on their specific niche, doing the training & some how hit the jack pot. Others may take a little longer in getting traffic. You may get a little discouraged in not wanting to go further or wondering what is going on?

Well, all I wanted to earn an incoming online but it didn't go as planned - at least, not so much in my particular niche. Also, to add insult, Amazon have closed my account. Am I iscouraged? Definitely not!! It has only pushed me further and also on a HUGE learning curve on other ways to be online.

So, if you niche hasn't taken off, there are other ways and as you work on your website further, so too will your audience.

What has helped me on my journey here?

  1. Plugins! I've had to go from 10, down to now 4. Why? Because of my theme.
    All in One SEO. Although not so successful, its been great as my learning tool - best thing I could have started on. Although free, I am now using Yoast. NOTE: I have only recently switched over to this one in the last 3 weeks - so far, so good.
  2. Being here at WA & communicating with others. Again, this has been a huge learning curve also. If you have experimented on being on another host outside of WA, you'll see the difference in training. Again, when very new, this is an added bonus.
  3. That's all I wanted to say for now but thought I will at least give an update on how far I have progressed.

PS: In case any of you are wondering, have I made money? Yes, in the 8 or 9 months, I've made $400.

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FKelso Premium
You're doing well, Petra. Keep hanging in there. It's amazing, isn't it, how much we learn. I think I still learn something new every day.
ValerieJoy Premium
Earning $400 in the first 8 to 9 months of affiliate marketing is a good result. It can take much longer.

Well done, Petra. And, best wishes for the months ahead.
mbouteiller Premium
Hey Petra,

Thank you for sharing your story. Wow... look at you go.

You're learning lots and congratulations on your sales. Well done!

TeamSimmons Premium
Keep it Going! 👐😊🙌
trirat Premium
Thank you for sharing your information. All the best!