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Last Update: February 07, 2019

Hi to everyone who is going to read this post . . .

Just wanted to share with one of my posts has reached Page One (1) on Bing and Yahoo.
For any newbies who are here, just to let you know that this platform does work but the work is not easy, especially when it comes to writing content.

Just wanted to share with everyone on my update and progress this far. By the way, since joining Wealthy Affiliate, I have four (4) niche websites and one (1) Online Business which had justed in start-up mode. I have achieve all this through the training here at WA but ALSO, which is important that I add, asking questions.

Once again, THANK YOU to everyone for helping me along the way.

I am still to attempt BootCamp but this is going to be on my TO DO list in the next month of two.

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nadishia28 Premium
Hard at work, great! Keep going and thanks and for sharing
DCarpenter1 Premium
Great to hear Petra.
One of my problems is I have not been asking questions, to enable me to proceed with the training.
I will give myself a good talking to, & shake up my training.

Petra4 Premium
If you are searching for financial freedom or a little extra incoming, you need to keep going on with the training. At being here at WA, once you have completed your training, other avenues will open for you so as you can explore further.

I haven't even started bootcamp so I can only image what my workload is going to be like once I start on this one.
AlexEvans Premium
Well done, Petra, you will be feeling pleased as punch and confident moving forward.

Best wishes.
Barney44 Premium
Good job
NnurseBecca Premium
Bootcamp is kicking my booty. I am still trying to get the guts for making a video in order to finish. I am excited for your progress and success.
Thank you for the inspiring notes!
Nurse Becca
Petra4 Premium
Bootcamp is kicking my booty LOL (laugh!). I have seen a couple of your video's and I believe its pretty good from what I have seen. What are you hesitant about?
NnurseBecca Premium
The spotlight on me🤓☺🤢🤮
Petra4 Premium
I am sure that you will be great! Just bite the bullet or take the bull by the horns and do it.

Once its done, you won't look back. You may have some changes and besides, telling your audience that its your 1st time will also be part of the fun.

PS: You will be thinking & cursing me at the same when once you are actually doing it :)