My Ranking as of today is 191!

Last Update: August 28, 2019

I had logged on this morning and awarded an Ambassador Rank of 191. Its been 1 year and 1 month that I've joined and Wealth Affiliate and what a ride its been.

Being very new to the online world, it has taught me:

  • opening myself up as well as learning about who I am rather who someone is wanting me to be
  • becoming a better writer. Its one thing to write but learning to become a better writer is also a learning curve
  • being part of a community which, believe it or not, have never had the opportunity nor had the experience to date. (This is hard as I guess past experience has proven otherwise on all levels). Still learning though :)
  • trying to learn more and more of the online world. Its one thing when learning and creating a niche specific website. It's another when learning what other things are out there and which doors you are wanting to open?
  • trying to new things in general. ie: google ads, affiliate marketing and have only now opened the door to network marketing.

    Don't hold yourself back in trying new things. I know for a lot of us, money can be an issue, sure. I'm going through that experience now but unless you're willing to let go altogether, you won't know.

    Thank you once again to the Wealthy Affiliate community. I do not think that I would have come this far with everyone here now.

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    Dave07 Premium
    Congratulations Petra. You are obviously making an important contribution to the WA community
    Petra4 Premium
    I guess so . . . ?

    Thank you
    ExpatMark Premium
    Congratulations Petra.

    StPaul Premium
    Congrats! Keep rocking!
    JKulk1 Premium
    Hi Petra. Congratulations on reaching the top 200. Jim
    Petra4 Premium
    I was surprised to make it in the top 200, let alone going up further.

    Thank you
    keishalina9 Premium
    *** Fantastic progress! ... and Congratulations!

    Celebrate it all ! .... 🥂🍾 ...

    Keep going onward & upward to even greater Success!

    All the best to you, cheerio ... ⭐️😊🎈 ... ***
    Petra4 Premium
    Thank you :)