Google Adwords vs Google My Business

Last Update: February 27, 2019

The are a lot of +'s to have Googe Adwords on your website, no doubt about it. Although they will work for a lot of people out there, when starting out, this can be a very negative experience.

So, learning my way around the Online Marketing platform as well as being here on WA, I have found that there may be an alternative?

What may that be?

Well, if you look into Google My Business, may be a solution for you. Although I would suggest you get a personalised domain name, but the listing is free. So, your total cost would be approximately AU$23.00 per year (depending on which country you live in).

You can also link your posts on Google My Business back to your website as well as other people posting similar businesses to yourself.

May not benefit everyone but an alternative and very useful :)

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Barney44 Premium
Thanks Petra for sharing

Best wishes for your successful journey to success

BobRoman Premium
Thanks a lot for sharing!

Wish you great success!

Encourager1 Premium
Thanks. I will give this a try!

DonnieNorton Premium
Hi Petra, congratulations on your progress. I'm not sure but I will definitely look into it. I wish you all the best
marmar463 Premium
Thank you for sharing this great information with us. I am going to check in it see what it is all about.

Best wishes on your journey with WA.