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I had logged on this morning and awarded an Ambassador Rank of 191. Its been 1 year and 1 month that I've joined and Wealth Affiliate and what a ride its been.Being very new to the online world, it has taught me:opening myself up as well as learning about who I am rather who someone is wanting me to bebecoming a better writer. Its one thing to write but learning to become a better writer is also a learning curvebeing part of a community which, believe it or not, have never had the opportunity n
Hi Everyone,Wanted to let everyone know that I have received my 1 year badge here at WA. The community here has been great and well received from my end.I am on a learning curve, which I have mentioned before but more so, a new chapter in my life as well as experience. I do not believe that I've shared as much as I would like but learning this has been at times challenging. In saying this, it is also rewarding in making small steps and progress.My income, well passive income is slow but I will
Most, if not all are trying to make money online. Joining Wealthy Affiliate (WA), this is the first thing we learn. We also learn other ways in how to make money online. From there and once finished the training, a lot of doors open - at least, this is what I had found in my time here at WA.I have noted that there are a few people who work on their specific niche, doing the training & some how hit the jack pot. Others may take a little longer in getting traffic. You may get a little discour
I have seen questions asking about email marketing and something I had come across on Quora which made think to share with the WA community . . . I know that there are heaps of free training out there when it comes to digital marketing but have not seen this one anywhere (link below): is more suited towards a beginner but regardless on what level you do have and its from Google itself :)Update: 15:34pm link should be working now
The are a lot of +'s to have Googe Adwords on your website, no doubt about it. Although they will work for a lot of people out there, when starting out, this can be a very negative experience.So, learning my way around the Online Marketing platform as well as being here on WA, I have found that there may be an alternative?What may that be?Well, if you look into Google My Business, may be a solution for you. Although I would suggest you get a personalised domain name, but the listing is free. So
I have struggled when it comes to social media - heck, I cannot get Instagram to work for me so that is saying something. Will update Instagram on another post and at later day :)My post is about Stencil.Stencil is very easy to learn and can even post (send) your pictures to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and a couple of others (from memory).This platform has free photos (10 per month) and a paid version. When starting out, they provide a bonus, of up to 15 free photos for the 1st month
February 07, 2019
Hi to everyone who is going to read this post . . . Just wanted to share with one of my posts has reached Page One (1) on Bing and Yahoo.For any newbies who are here, just to let you know that this platform does work but the work is not easy, especially when it comes to writing content.Just wanted to share with everyone on my update and progress this far. By the way, since joining Wealthy Affiliate, I have four (4) niche websites and one (1) Online Business which had justed in start-up mode. I
Just wanted to share with every one that typing out a response to a question, came a pop-up from WA stating that I have earned my 6 month Dedication Badge.Wanting to share this with everyone just so I could thank every body out there who helped me in achieving what I had set out to do . . . and this is what it was (for any newbies, who were not aware of what I had wanted and set out to do)quit my full time job (have had a few since being with WA and quit 3 of them)although not earning much mone
Hi everyone,After responding to a question and giving some feedback, I wanted to share with everyone on some interesting info that I would like to share . . . especially about content writing and what exactly your audience is look for (or what they are NOT)Go to Google Analytics console:Behaviour (on the left hand side) > site content > all pagesthen look at your "bounce rate" and "exit rate" (should be around the middle of the page on your right hand side)this will give you an indication
I have only been with WA for 4 months, with one (1) website up and running although only indexed, tweaking content and activity showing, is yet to make it up in Google, Yahoo or Bing. It is a fairly competitive niche so considering I had zero knowledge and coming in with nothing that I certainly have come a long way.I am also in the process of creating another two websites with one (1) being indexed, still creating content yet has already hit page one (1) on Yahoo and Bing. My other website, al