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April 18, 2017
Are any of you familiar with I got an email from them, advertising a 30-day free email course in affiliate marketing. I was thinking to add this to my WA training and hopefully pick up some interesting tips along the way that I can pass along. The link is
April 15, 2017
With Easter almost upon us, commemorating the crucifixion and subsequent ascension of Christ, I am reminded that recently, we lost a family member who had been suffering from prostate cancer. He was a member of the old school, with a firm belief in the judgment of his doctors and willingly subjected himself to chemotherapy. He did not live long after that and became quite helpless in the end, with his wife and daughter having to bathe, wash and shave him. Quite a change from the fit and active
The setting of goals is considered by many as a very serious thing, perhaps to be avoided, and not likely to work very well. But it does not have to be that way.You can have really big goals, but if reaching that goal in the near future is not realistic, find a smaller goal that is within your reach and that is a milestone towards reaching the bigger goal. Once you have reached that milestone, set yourself the next reachable milestone goal, and so on. That way, reaching the big goal becomes mor
April 06, 2017
Today, about 12:15 PM Pacific time, when I tried to bring up someone's WA post, I got the following error message: 502 Bad Gateway, followed by .nginx/1.4.6 (Ubuntu).This lasted for several minutes, during which time I had no problem connecting to other websites. Perhaps the error was caused by heavy traffic to the WA site.I am curious to know if anyone else has experienced this error message.
April 02, 2017
Just a quick note to say that I feel it is in bad taste to post April Fools jokes about negative topics, such as leaving WA. It spreads uncertainty for those who are new to our fabulous community. Regardless of whether it is a joke or not, we should always strive to remain positive.
There is a saying that, "Experience is the best teacher." That is true, up to a point; what we have experienced ourselves we are less likely to forget than what we have been told by others.The trouble is that the amount of knowledge we can gain through experience is very limited. If we can supplement our experiences with the experiences and knowledge of others, we can vastly increase our knowledge, skills and insights. That's how we expand.I firmly believe that, aside from the skills we learned
March 21, 2017
Hi, I am on the last lesson of Course 2. This blog post is my assignment for this lesson and it is also my first post on the WA blog.I have come a long way - I have well over a hundred new friends (followers and followed by me) and I learned quite a bit about website creation and search engine optimization, as well as new stuff about Wordpress. I have built a website that looks pretty darn good to me, if I may say so. I have also become more comfortable with writing blog posts.My new website ht
March 04, 2017
Funny, I was puzzled why the menu said Course 1 Lesson 10 when I was well into Course 2. Thought it was a bug in the program. Then (accidentally) I found out that in the excitement of joining Premium membership I had forgotten to sign off on the tasks in lesson 10. Duh!Anyway, it feels great to have completed that course and to be acknowledged for it with certification. I encourage all new members to get there soon!
February 23, 2017
Hi there, I have just stumbled upon - and joined - the Wealthy Affiliate website. It looks like Kyle has done a great job! I have considerable Web coding experience, but my affiliate marketing skills leave room for improvement. I look forward to spending a lot of time here and meeting fellow students and becoming a top notch affiliate marketer.