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July 08, 2015
Whenever you are writing text and creating CONTENT and you want it to look smart by making the paragraph align with both sides of the page. You can use the "justify" tab to make it do that.Sometimes you see text that doesn't align to the right of the pageTo fix that you need to use the 'Justify' TAB which is next to the 'Text' box and the 'Underline' button. (This might vary depending upon your theme).The Justify 'tab' has four lines inside a square and is on the second row in the 'edit page'
The Coming Chinese Wrecking Ball"Feeling panic in the air, stock market officials called on one of their own to turn the tide. They gave him a pocket full of cash and a directive, buy until stocks trade higher. He dutifully stepped onto the floor and began purchasing blocks of blue chip companies at above-market prices. Market participants quickly fell in line, buying up shares and pushing up prices". This is not a recap of events in China. This is what actually happened in the U.S. in early O