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November 29, 2016
Today I hit another milestone here at WA and I thought I would humbly submit the following evidence purely in the interests of motivation for new people here at WA Today I have one hundred page and posts with over 4000 comments (that's an average of 40 comments per page / post) and after two years at WA and averaging one new post a week ( 50 x 2 = 100) I have over 20 of those pages ranking on page ONE of Google purely because I implement what WA teaches.So stick with it. Success can and will
I still get comments on a post I wrote a year ago about getting One Thousand comments on my site. So today I thought I would update the story.I humbly submit the following evidence purely in the interests of motivation for new people here at WA Today I have around a hundred page and posts with almost 4000 comments and over 20 page one rankings and about thirty or so on the top 2 or 3 pages of Google. NOT because I'm smart but because I implement what WA teaches.Next ScreenshotUnderstand that it
July 24, 2016
Achieving Success OnlineThere are some 3 billion people online searching for information and solutions to problems. This number changes each day. To find the link to a live feed of this exact number you can use this link here; of these searching for information online are willing to exchange money for solutions to problems and therein lies, a business opportunity. All you have to do is connect with people, who are looking for specific informat
June 07, 2016
Today I humbly submit that I hit THREE thousand comments on my website, (exactly 8 months after my last milestone of 1000 thousand comments.) Verifying to the AWESOMENESS of the training here at WA and the power of engagement. It just keeps growing and growing, so if you are questioning if Wealthy Affiliate works or not here's proof that if you commit and follow the training it will grow bigger and bigger. You don't have to be in the top 100 - 200 to succeed. Better to work on your business an
February 07, 2016
Because it’s a great way for you to create a better future for you and your family.In a previous post I talked about superheroes and how the government doesn’t like them because innovation upsets the status quo and the existing ‘business relationships’ that it has with ‘established’ industries.Why have an online business?It’s a great way to connect to some of the 3 billion people who are searching for information and looking for solutions to problems on
February 07, 2016
2016 is the Chinese Year of the MonkeyYes it's already Chinese New Years Eve here in Shanghai and things are crazy here as everyone is doing last minute shopping before the shops shut and many people head off to family all across China. They say it's the greatest movement of people on earth as millions take trains, planes and cars to travel away from the big cities back to smaller towns and villages. By millions I mean hundreds of millionsIt is also traditional for every family to thoroughly cl
January 03, 2016
This offers excellent opportunities for those interested in teaching English in China. The English language market is growing fast and many new positions are becoming available for those wanting to teach English in China.China is a global financial force and as English is the established global language of business. There is a major focus is improving English competency amongst it’s citizens and as many as 400 million Chinese people are now studying EnglishA market is estimated to be US$
October 14, 2015
I give and receive a lot of comments using this tool:BUT I get very disappointed when it is abused like this. Here is a screenshot of two IDENTICAL comments I received today for two different sites from this.....'Guy'This is a classic example of what NOT to do. Consequently I did NOT approve them:Please add you comments about this below.
September 30, 2015
petervcrispPremium Top 100 Joined: September 15, 2014 Rank: 100Well it's taken more than 1,500 comments, 53 pages and posts and a year of learning to get there. BUT I made it into the top 100 here at Wealthy Affiliate.However that doesn't mean it's time to take things easy, it's just a little glimpse of what is possible if you focus on the lessons and implement what you learn along the way. It won't happen overnight BUT it WILL happen.Thank you Kyle and Carson for making such a powerful educati
July 10, 2015
Today I hit ONE thousand comments on my website and to verify the AWESOMENESS of the training here at WA and the power of engagement through comments and the impact that has on page rankings. I humbly submit the following evidence.I want to show everyone the number of PAGE ONE rankings there are for this site.. The screenshot shows only 10 (due to space) but there are many more... But you get the idea.Quality Content and engagement (via comments) will get you ranking in Google, so stick with t