Wow. The WA infrastructure is very well done.

Last Update: December 21, 2014

Hi Kyle and Carson.

I have created my first web site on WA called This is a site where we are going to arrange for world class experts to coach dads who are “dead broke dads” on how to run a successful internet business as well as coach them on other areas of life to help them recover from their trauma.

I have to say I am VERY impressed at how easy you have made it to implement a wordpress site. I mean implementing a wordpress site is pretty damn easy on other hosters. I have implemented wordpress on three different hosters. But on WA it is truly “push the button”.

I simply bought the domain name on enom, pointed it to the WA name servers, and created the site. I put the theme I prefer on to the site and away I went. In an entire day of building a site the only problem I struck was my site could not see WangGuard. But this had the happy benefit of me checking WangGuard on my other sites and noticing I had made a serious mistake in setting it up! Sometimes the gods smile.

So on my first blog entry I would like to say this. I am 50 and I have been in IT for 32 years. And I take my hat off and acknowledge that you two young lads have done a really good job of making it easy to get a web site up and running. You have done a really good job of making it as easy as possible.

I also want to say the community spirit is first class. The involvement level is first class. I am really impressed. Ian stood before a camera and said you guys were really good. And from what I have seen so far. He was correct.

I will go through the process of finishing this site and setting up one or two more to test out how things really work here. But I have to say as one of the “old guys” I am impressed. When I am impressed? I say so.

I am working on developing a campaign for the new year to promote WA to “dead broke dads” as a way to get them “off the street and on their feet” in their own internet businesses.

If all goes as well as things went today? I would have no hesitation in saying to men “You want a wordpress site to promote your business and lots of people around you who will help? Give WA a try for a few months. You will like what you see!”

Once again. Well done lads. Makes me very pleased to see young lads do such good work as this.

Best Regards


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rickware Premium
I going to follow in your foot steps. Could you please tell me the quote about being able to quantify your goals? Of course, my situation is different
elecamp Premium
Good for you! I've been absent for a couple of weeks and missed a lot but you're on the right track! Good luck!
Kyle Premium
This is a situation that lots of folks find themselves with not much hope. When people do find WA and realize that they can create a business within any niche...following any passion or interest, they do get excited.

If you can show them the tunnel and where to find the light, I know this campaign will be an absolutely brilliant one and with your writing abilities I can only see your site progressing very quickly Peter. I have no doubts that you are a prime candidate for the Vegas Super Affiliate conference in the year ahead!

Looking forward to see how this campaign does roll out.
rickgcrocker Premium
Hi Peter,
Welcome to WA my Friend !!! I must say I like your target market, there are an awful lot of "Dead-Broke-Dads" in this world so you have a huge audience waiting and wanting to hear from you.

In todays society, Dads frequently go unnoticed for who we are, and for the impact we have on our children. We're often under appreciated and unrecognized for all we do, often overlooked for the efforts we put forth in caring for our children. Unfortunately, dads are stereotyped by many, as men who are suppose to be macho, tough guys, strong and firm in raising our children and that's Ok, those are important traits. But we have hearts too, we cry when our children cry, and we hurt when our children hurt, we want the very best life has to offer them and will do just about anything to make that happen.

I'm completely aware of the fact the world is full of "Dead-Beat-Dads" as well, but I'm not talking about them here, I'll reserve those comments for another time. I also realize the incredibly important role "Moms" play, but these comments are for us "Dads".

We sacrifice in so many ways for our children in hopes of creating that bond that exists only between a Dad and his children. It's extremely difficult juggling all that life throws at us, raising kids and providing for them financially.

So, I'm all about your mission Peter, helping "Dead Broke Dads" build a business and create an income so we can give our children what they need most, "Our Time", without worrying about where the next dime is coming from.

Press On my friend, stay focused and you'll be making a difference in the lives of "Dead Broke Dads" before you know it, they'll thank you and so will their children.

Reach out if you need anything at all, we're all here to help you make it happen.

PeterANolan Premium
Hi Rick,
I was suicidal in April 2008. I will not discuss details in public here.

Why? For me WA is all about business. It is about creating the opportunity for men to generate their incomes. I am talking to the leading men in the man-o-sphere and suggesting they become WA affiliates and encourage the men in the audience to do so as well. I am also talking about another product in the same way.

Personally? I have talked three men back from the edge of suicide. I saved the life of my step son when he had cancer. It was me who inspired him to save his life when all others, including his mother, failed.

My non business books are about saving mens lives. I have had many men write to me and say "I think you might have just saved my life today". I have a deep love and compassion for my fellow men. Something very few men have today. I have been slandered and lied about for securing the rights of men and boys such that we can reduce the suicide rates...especially in divorce. A man in divorce is 8 times more likely to suicide than a woman who has been raped...and yet we spend a fortune on women rape victims and absolutely nothing on men of divorce. Indeed, if a man in divorce discloses what happened in the courts he is routinely JAILED merely for telling the truth. I actually video recorded my family court proceedings and put t on you tube. Only many in the world to have the backbone to do that.

I was the best of the best fathers and husbands. I was criminally victimised in divorce and this was socially acceptable. I disowned any person who did not take the position women are to be held equal before the law. Sadly that included my own former father.

Men have no steel in their backbone any more. They let women trample all over them like door mats. Fatherhood has been criminalised.

Just look how fathers are treated today. No respect.

Since it is socially acceptable to criminally victimise the best of the best fathers? That is what I am telling the lads.

I have asked more than 100,000 men to help me. I have about 200. That is a disgrace. Because of the criminal victimisation of three national guvmints I have to wind up in WA and generate revenue via affiliates. My regular job nets me between EUR150-200K in reasonable years.

Because men will not help me simply because it is the right thing to do? I have turned the exercise of restoring the rule of law in our lands into a commercial exercise.

Most men do not yet realise that the winner of this "war on men" has been decided. The matter was settled on 2009-11-26. I settled it. Men will win. It is inevitable. There are some battles to be had...but men are going to reassert their moral authority. Fathers, in particular, are going to reassert their moral authority. It will take a while but it is going to happen.

If you want to contribute? Or anyone else wants to contribute? Just register to the site so we have your email address. Tell every dead broke dad you know to register to the site. Tell every man who wants to help to register to the site and the facebook.

We are going to have an army of such men.

I talked to men like Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, Sergy Brin, Mark Zuckerberg....I asked them to help other men. I was turned down. So we are going to create a disruptive innovation that will affect most of the world. Nothing less than the biggest political change we have seen in human is going to be a fun now that the hard work has been done!

Those men who turned me down when I asked them politely to help are going to rue the day.
dazwilk Premium
Great post Peter, I agree wholeheartedly, Kyle & Carson are doing a stella job, often wether we be a newbie or an old hand we all need support and direction, WA provides all of this with the community networking.