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Well, my Dead Broke Dads site has already had nearly 1000 page views and 209 unique visitors. And it is christmas time when most sane people are not on the internet looking at web sites. I have put WA up on the site as a low risk way of Dead Broke Dads being able to earn some money to get them off the street and back on their feet. That is the theme of our site. I have long worked hard at helping men criminally robbed in the divorce courts. The piece that has been missing is a relatively sure w
Hi Kyle and Carson. I have created my first web site on WA called This is a site where we are going to arrange for world class experts to coach dads who are “dead broke dads” on how to run a successful internet business as well as coach them on other areas of life to help them recover from their trauma. I have to say I am VERY impressed at how easy you have made it to implement a wordpress site. I mean implementing a wordpress site is pretty damn easy on o