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Hey folks, I thought I would go ahead and purchase some business cards from Vistaprint. I'm feeling cautious and somewhat anxious about handing them out to people. Why? Because lets just I'm not the most confident when really connecting with others face to face, if you see what I mean. However, I really do believe that; although an old fashioned form of networking/marketing there is nothing like being able to give to someone that is taking an interest in your business a business card to round u
Hey, I thought I would do a review on a program named FounderFly, the "all-access network pass for entrepreneurs". To really study it I decided to join and subscribe to the $1 3 day trial, $19.95 thereafter, after joining and paying the sum through Clickbank; I was then redirected to the page where you are supposed to be able to set your username etc. Instead, I had been sent to a NON EXISTENT PAGE/BROKEN PAGE! In essence I have no way of logging in to my account on FounderFly, so I have no way