First milestone reached

Last Update: July 18, 2019

"Congratulations are in order! You've just completed a Certification Course. That's 10 full lessons of learning, and you've taken tons of action by doing this. Take moment to give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back! Here's to the next Certification Badge - you're doing great!"

First milestone reached

There are still many miles to come, but I know I'm going slowly but surely! But at least I'm moving! This is mainly due to Wealthy Affiliate, Carson, Kyle and of course Littlemama (Grace). And I thank myself because I started to realize my dreams 18 days ago.

👍 No-no .... I won't miss them who helped me in WA and supported me! Great team! 👍

The Goal of My Website

My goal is to relaunch my Amazon Affiliate and other Affiliate businesses in the USA in a fair way and with hard work. If it works out well in the USA, then I would target Germany as well. I plan to reach at least 10.000 USD / website/month. I need to outsource the content writing processes. My goal is to reach at least 5000 USD commission after 6 months. I know I need to invest, but there’s a limit that I can’t exceed.

My dream

is to establish this Affiliate education system here in Hungary as well (also for Affiliate commission, so that the return on my work would duplicate), so that Hungarians could also earn money despite they can't speak English perfectly.

Why People Become Affiliate Markers

The biggest reason why affiliate marketing became such an attractive option is how easy it can be to get started.

Plenty of bloggers who were already regularly producing content realized that they could earn more money from every post they uploaded by adding in affiliate links. At first, the majority of marketers were people who sold products as an afterthought, but as time went by people began to start blogs for the intent purpose of making sales.

If you can recognize how high the mountain is and still continue to put one foot after the other, then your chances of success.

I wish everyone a wonderful day!

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firstlearn Premium
Congratulations Peti.

Peter-Nagy Premium
Thank you Derek!
Wonderful day!
LouiseBT Premium Plus
Wow, you joined last month and have already completed the certification! That's amazing speed!
Wishing you every success with your WA journey, I suspect we are going to see great things from you!
Peter-Nagy Premium
Thank you Louise!
Step by step ..... Wonderful to you too!